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SHOCK! SHOCK! SHOCK! leads to AWE! AWE! AWE! on NOVEMBER 12 when the man in the hood STRAPS YOU IN one last time and FLIPS THE SWITCH! LIGHTING will SURGE through your bones and YOUR HEART will pound with thunder when FADE TO BLACK 3 rolls over our original home of the AFS CINEMA (f.k.a. The Marchesa) for INSPIRE PRO’S SEAON FINALE! Ladies and gentlemen, WE WILL SHAKE THE PILLARS OF HEAVEN! Be there to witness the following LANDMARK MATCHUPS!


Throughout the many battles held over the course of Inspire Pro’s timeline, a whole cache of titles have been born and evolved. Of course, there is the PURE PRESTIGE TITLE, the XX DIVISION TITLE, the TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION tag team titles, and the recently metamorphosized J-WATCH title. In spite of the fact that PURE PRESTIGE champion KEITH LEE defeated then INSPIRE PRO champion RICKY STARKS in a title ranking match to determine a primary champion, many feel that the INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP remains the flagship belt for the company. It is the namesake title, and the first championship belt ever created by Inspire Pro. In many sullen eyes, it is the heart of the company. The same could be said of a certain Inspire Pro competitor by the name of STEVE O RENO, who fulfilled a years-long ambition in 2016 of capturing the INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP. After all, for the man the fans have dubbed MR. INSPIRE PRO, it only seemed fitting.

Throughout 2017, Steve has competed in some of the toughest battles of his career. And yet, he still stands before the faithful as INSPIRE PRO CHAMPION. But one last challenge of the season awaits him in the form of a man who may be able to call 2017 HIS year. TERRALE TEMPO has fought long and hard to rise above, and after proving himself worthy to ACH, Tempo has earned himself the right to challenge for the Inspire Pro Championship on November 12th at FADE TO BLACK 3.

Steve and Terrale have only once previously collided in a one on one contest all the way back in November of 2015 at FUN FUN FUN FEST. Terrale was inches away from pulling out a victory, Steve, who was going through a personal tribulation, used some decisively dirty tactics that surprised even Mr. Inspire Pro. Steve has grown past that moment if underhandedness, but Terrale is surely not one to forget.

Two of the most athletic, driven and passionate wrestlers on the Inspire Pro roster duke it out for the Inspire Pro Championship. Is this finally Tempo’s time to capture Inspire Pro gold or is the Reign Of Reno going to reach one full year? This is sure to be a match for the ages.

THE SUBMISSION SQUAD (Gary Jay & Evan Gelistico) vs. THE NEW MOVEMENT (T-Ray & Ashton Jacobs) w/ Chris & Dan The Man

Inspire Pro Wrestling fans got SPOOKED during the Ladder Match at A HERO NEVER DIES, when a familiar body bag was pulled from underneath the ring in a grab for weapons during the LAWLESS DARKNESS FINAL. Curiosity got the better of Dalton, who probed the bag, ultimately summoning a EVAN GELISTICO in a cloud of dust. We had not seen Evan in close to a year after he’d last been seen being stuffed into that familiar body bad by angry spirits back in December of 2016. But just what the hell happened? Where had Evan been all this time? These questions and many more will be answered in due time, but for now, Evan is focused on just one thing: Discerning the identities of the CHRIS BOONOIT and BOO THESZ, whom he believes to actually be wrestlers on INSPIRE PRO’s CURRENT ROSTER! Evan doesn’t necessarily believe it was MEN under those sheets, but rather he believes that two wrestlers may be masquerading as THE LIVING right now! And so, Gelistico has returned to Inspire Pro on a question SUSS OUT THE SPIRITS and BUST THEM!

Good friend and Submission Squad comrade GARY JAY has decided to reuniter with Evan for the express purpose of joining him on his quest to reveal the supernatural lurking beneath the veneer of Inspire Pro. Together, they have both decided to start with none other than THE NEW MOVEMENT. While neither ASHTON JACOBS nor T-RAY were active members of the roster at the time of Evan’s ghostly abduction, CHRIS TREW was at the height of his game as New Movement Manager. Therefore, TREW could quite possibly have been either of the two spirits who stuffed Evan in that body bag nearly a year ago. HAVE WE SEEN CHRIS TREW’S TRUE FORM? When posed just that question, Trew rolled his eyes and simply remarked, “You gotta be kidding me. Is this what we have sunk to?”

Gary and Evan will have to go through Jacobs and T-Ray before putting Chris to the spook test. Will Gary and Evan be able to overcome The New Movement in order to eliminate Chris from the possible possessed suspect list? Things are about to get TRULY BIZARRE in Inspire Pro. BE THERE TO WITNESS THIS!


At A HERO NEVER DIES, three men entered, and TERRALE TEMPO left with the win, poised to move on to his championship challenge at FADE TO BLACK 3. However, the right heads were turned by a young man by the name of GINO MEDINA, who not only held his own against both the number one contender to the Inspire Pro Championship and Lane, but provided what Inspire Pro management deemed to be an ample challenge for both men. While Tempo played both men against one another to an expert degree, what occurred between both Lane and Medina left Inspire Pro owners hungry for more. And so, on November 12th, with Tempo extracted from the equation, we’ll see exactly what might have been when both young, hungry LANE and MEDINA clash! Something tells us these two will be ones to watch entering Inspire Pro’s 2018 season. According to Inspire Pro Brass, this match will determine their paths and opportunities moving forward. To call this anything but CLUTCH would be a grievous error. All eyes on the dangerous young upstarst, folks! This one WILL get rowdy!


At A HERO NEVER DIES, what began as a spirited, hard-fought contest between RYAN DAVIDSON and JORDAN LEN-X devolved into an all-out brawl that required multiple officials and staff members to separate the two. One could only speculate that Davidson being halted in his tracks by Dalton in the LAWLESS DARKNESS tournament has left the big man in a mood most foul, and Jordan has become a target of sheer convenience. However, Davidson may have underestimated the agile Len-X in a dangerous way.

Without a doubt, these two will not stop until they get their hands on each other again and Inspire Pro management is willing to oblige. However, they will only do so as long as law and order is restored. And they will be when Ryan Davidson faces Jordan Len-X one more time, but this time in a LUMBERJACK MATCH. With designated lumberjacks surrounding the ring with the mission to keep the action in the ring, could we finally see a definitive winner between these two? Don’t miss these two ravenous individuals collide.

TRIOS EXHIBITION: ROXY CASTILLO’S PORTFOLIO (Allie Kat, Ivory Robyn, & Ethan Price) w/ TEAM THUNDER ROSA (Thunder Rosa, Hyaneyoung, Rockelle Vaughn)

On a card drowning in bad blood and high steaks, this particular showcase stands out as a remarkably refreshing exhibition of good will and opportunity for fresh and familiar faces. Ladies and gentlemen, Thunder Rosa has come home to roost, and this international superstar makes her return to Inspire on November 12th  with a hand-picked trio that will compete in a friendly contest against none other than ROXY CASTILLO’s burgeoning stable, which she now refers to as THE PORTFOLIO. This is a contest born of a mutual admiration and respect between the two ladies, in an effort to help all involved grow.

Representing Castillo’s PORTFOLIO will be ALLIE KAT and IVORY ROBYN, hot off the heels of a tag victory at A HERO NEVER DIES. Also included is THE EVER-LOVING ETHAN PAGE. While unsuccessful in Joey Ryan’s Open DickPlex Challenge last month, Ethan continuing his time under the tutelage of ROXY, who has high hopes for this young man.

TEAM THUNDER ROSA’s trio contains the likes of top Booker T prospects Hyaneyoung & Rockelle Vaughn and, of course, the returning Thunder Rosa. Inspire Pro fans saw first hand what Thunder Rosa could do in her epic battle with Delilah Doom for the XX Division Title. Could she lead her team to victory on November 12th? This is one you surely do not want to miss.


You could very easily call ACH the watermark of INSPIRE PRO. The man is easily one of the best professional wrestlers of our time according to the studious. Hold your own against him, and you’re worth watching. Back at A HERO NEVER DIES, Houston’s own REX ANDREWS – a recent acquisition of CHRIS TREW – went toe-to-toe with ACH in a dazzling match. While Andrews didn’t come out on top, he could walk away saying he hung with one of the best. Bottom line: he impressed.

But that wasn’t the first we’d seen of REX that evening. Earlier that night, “Dirty” ANDY DALTON had emerged from a merciless LADDER MATCH to become the first ever LAWLESS DARKNESS – a much sought-after title which would allow the recipient disobey even deepest and most traditional rules of Inspire Pro for the period of one year with total impunity. Clearly, this imbues DALTON with a remarkable power and makes him a man to watch – and perhaps a man to covet.

After rising from the wreckage as LAWLESS DARKNESS, Chris Trew wasted no time in making the scene to make a lucrative proposal. Chris stated that he had been waiting with baited breath on the finale of the tournament, and now that Andy had proven himself worthy of becoming the Lawless Darkness, he had also proven himself worthy of being deemed NEW MOVEMENT MATERIAL! In typical Dalton fashion, his answer to the offer was a middle finger. Incensed by the gesture, Trew set his dogs of war upon the smarting Dalton, leaving him merely wounded – a huge mistake, according to the Dirty one.

While being tended to in the locker room, Dalton simultaneously demanded a match against one of Trews’s stable at the next event. And who better to test his power over the powers that be than to throw THE NEW MOVEMENT’s CROWN JEWEL onto the sacrificial pyre? That’s right, at FADE TO BLACK III, Dalton is looking to spill blood when he squares off against REX ANDREWS. Ordinarily, we’d say Rex’s chances of taking the “W” are very good, but we’re a little worried about him in a mortal way under these circumstances. NOVEMBER 12th, at FADE TO BLACK III, ANDY DALTON debuts as the LAWLESS DARKNESS against the JEWEL OF THE SOUTH, REX ANDREWS! Duck for cover because the SKY WILL FALL!


At A HERO NEVER DIES, stakes were SERIOUSLY HEAVY in a main event trios battle, which saw almost every title between competitors on the line. If a competitor was pinned in combat, they ran the risk of losing their respective title to whomever dealt the fall.

On one side of the ring stood J.C. Res, flanked by his mastiff-like compatriots, THE HEAVY HEARTS. Together they had taunted and surrounded Delilah Doom, Davey Vega, and Steve O Reno – sometimes with bloody results. Banded together under the flamboyant mantle of SERIOUSLY HEAVY, this trio of odd bed fellows decreed that they would not only seize the respect they had so disgustingly been deprived of, but they would take gold as reparation.

Unfortunately, before the match between these two factions could get under way, Vega and Doom were hit with a shakeup: STEVE O RENO was forced to sit out at A HERO NEVER DIES due to personal circumstances. However, quick thinking and a series of phone calls repaired the situation. That night, NWA Champion TIM STORM made a surprising return in the place of Steve, and the odds nearly seemed in their favor. However, later in the match Tim unveiled his true colors when he caught his former CONTRAversy team mate in the EYE OF THE STORM before leaving him and Doom high and dry. This of course left Doom in an unfortunate three-on-one scenario, which resulted in an unprecedented title change.

The TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION titles were always designed to be unlike any other tag titles seen before. Foremost, their unique look certainly differentiated each belt, giving it its own identity. But also, it was decided that should one member of the team desire to defend their half respectively, they could do so. Therefore, at any time, if a tag champ defended and potentially lost the belt in open competition, they would forfeit THEIR HALF of the titles.

And so, technically, DAVEY VEGA and BRUNO DE LA ROSA are the new TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION CHAMPIONS. However, they will never have a chance to function as an unlikely unit, because at FADE TO BLACK 3, both de Bruno and Davey will find themselves on opposite sides of the ring once again in a contest where both of their respective titles are on the line. For the first time in Inspire History, THE BLUE DRAGON will face THE RED DRAGON to reunite the belts.

HOWEVER, the odds are a bit more severe. Despite the fact that Doom would be occupied with SHIMMER duties that weekend, Vega was quick to issue a SINGLES CHALLENGE in hopes of retrieving Delilah’s BLUE DRAGON title, but SERIOUSLY HEAVY interjected, boasting that they weren’t going to make this easy for Vega. They quickly fired back that they would accept the challenge IF Davey faced the entire trio in a GAUNTLET MATCH. Davey has always been the kind of guy who relishes the opportunity to prove that value of an underdog, and so he quickly accepted. Exactly how Doom feels about this remains to be heard.

Every pound of Seriously Heavy is laced with both cruel and cunning, giving them the odds-on edge. On the other hand, Vega is burning with a fury and hope to redeem himself for a situation he has taken the blame for. After all, if not for his life line to the NWA World Champion, the outcome might have been very different. And so, Vega is out to right some wrongs. But will he be able to entirely focus when his mind is also clearly on his former CONTRAversy team mate? Clearly the air must be cleared between them at some point, too. But before that, Vega must once again unite the titles which he and Storm once made the most powerful in the company at one time.


“The Best Ever” SAMMY GUEVARA © vs. “Mr. Athletic” JEFF COBB vs. “Showtime” MATTHEW PALMER w/ ROXY CASTILLO vs. “The King Of Texas” ACH

In May of 2017, SAMMY GUEVARA proved that there is no such thing as impossible: He ended KEITH LEE’S 798-day reign as PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPION. Adding what many deemed to be an insult to the occasion, GUEVARA even forced Inspire Pro owner JUSTIN BISSONNETTE to do the “honor” of placing the company’s primary title around his waist.

Since then, Guevara’s stock has reached wild heights as he made his marks in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Global Force Wrestling and most recently his first tour of Japan. In fact, Sammy had been too busy to return Inspire Pro’s calls about defending his title for months, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of many. However, in what Guevara has deemed an act of charity, he will return on November 12th to put the PURE PRESTIGE TITLE on the line in a match of unprecedented magnitude. Inspire Pro brass have decided to make the absolute most of this grand opportunity by refusing to select a single competitor. Instead, Sammy Guevara will face THREE of the very best wrestlers in North America TODAY in a FOUR-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH!

The first challenger will be a man making a heavily anticipated Inspire Pro debut: “Mr. Athletic” JEFF COBB. If you’ve seen the man step into the ring, wild visions of intensity are already dancing in your skull. Cobb and Guevara are no strangers, either, having previously met in the Quarterfinals of PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles. In that instance, Cobb emerged victorious. No doubt, Guevara will be out to avenge the loss, but will he have what it takes, especially considering he has two other competitors to fend off?

Sure, ROXY CASILLO has been the seemingly reluctant ward of “Showtime” MATTHEW PALMER, and she still doesn’t approve of the man they say is dipped in swagger. However, she has taken this opportunity to break away from CHRIS TREW and build something better for herself by acquiring and managing talent under the mantle of THE PORTFOLIO. While the resentment between Castillo and Palmer, who’s been on something of a national tear lately, Roxy went to extreme measures to ensure that the Portfolio is represented in this context. Thanks to Castillo’s finagling, MATTHEW PALMER will be vying for the most glorious title in all of Inspire Pro on November 12th. Once again, while Palmer has yet to encounter Guevara in an Inspire Pro ring, the two have a hair-raising history in the squared circle, including a series of ladder matches, which raised a phenomenal buzz at the time of their occurrence. Again, Sammy faces the daunting familiar, and a man he may still feel he owes it to himself to conquer.

And lastly, rounding out to the four is undeniably the top independent wrestler to emerge from the city of Austin, “The King Of Texas”, ACH. Ironically, Guevara may just be the man responsible for pulling ACH into Inspire with a fierce gravity many moons back. Back in 2014, a defiant in-ring promo from the brash Guevara resulted in an EPIC one-on-one encounter at LIGHT THE FUSE, which went a distance of over 40 minutes. While ACH walked away with an incredible victory that night, the contest proved that Sammy was a worthy opponent and one to watch. While this is a contest packed to the planks with virtual TNT in terms of competition, a smarter betting man might put his money on ACH to walk away with the gold on November 12th.

This is a top championship match that could very clearly be described as “FACE-ROCKING,” and will serve as our MAIN EVENT for Inspire Pro’s SEASON FINALE.

FADE TO BLACK 3 is Sunday, November 12th at The AFS Cinema (6406 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Suite 3100) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets are $20 & General Admission are $15. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. and bell time is 6:00 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.