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Back in May, Inspire Pro Wrestling’s In Their Blood event introduced Austin, Texas, to the “XX-Division.” XXD promised to showcase the best in women’s wrestling from around the world, and In Their Blood made good on that promise with a legendary main-event for the NWA World Women’s Championship between champion Barbi Hayden and challenger Portia Perez.

Also on that show was the first match in the XX-Division Championship tournament. The first round would feature triple threat elimination matches to pay tribute to how the first Inspire Pro Champion, “One Man” Mike Dell, was crowned. Ring of Honor and SHIMMER star Veda Scott would make her Austin debut against midwestern standout Angelus Layne and Texas (and soon, world) favorite Athena. Days before the even took place, however, Layne suffered a major injury, breaking both of her wrists. This left her unable to compete, and Inspire Pro officials scrambled to find a suitable replacement. Ultimately it was decided that Layne would simply forfeit her fall in the match, and Athena and Scott would compete one-on-one.

In that match, Scott severely injured her left knee and lost the fall to the Wrestling Goddess. As those of you who picked up the DVD version of the show (or were hanging out at the merch stand as it ended) know, Veda was not happy. She’d signed a contract for a triple threat match, claimed her lack of prep time led to her injury and declared the match “the Austin screwjob.” A promise was made: she would file an injunction against Inspire Pro Wrestling to get the XX-Division Championship tournament stopped until she was re-entered into it.

We didn’t think much of it. You know, wrestlers say a lot of stuff.

July’s No Turning Back event featured Jessica James defeating Paige Turner’s cronies Miss Diss Lexia and K.C. Warfield to advance to the tournament finals alongside Athena, and that’s when things got messy. An injunction was filed, and a planned round one match for August’s Relentless was scrapped. By October the ramifications of the injunction became so severe that aside from participation in the 8-person elimination tag between NWA Wrestling Revolution and The New Movement, the XX-Division wasn’t included at all. A planned XXD spotlight show for December at the Marchesa Hall & Theater was canceled for fear of heightened legal action. Veda Scott has used every trick she learned during her days at law school to grind the division — and Inspire Pro Wrestling — to a halt.

We are proud to announce that Veda Scott and Inspire Pro have reached a settlement.

As a necessary apology to Ms. Scott and her people for what she was “put through” in May, Inspire Pro and the National Wrestling Alliance have named her the new, rightful and legally-binding #1 contender to the NWA World Women’s Championship. To make sure this match happens on the level and without further complications, Veda and Barbi will square off one-on-one at January’s ECSTASY OF GOLD II at the Marchesa in Austin.

Barbi Veda Women's Championship Inspire Pro Wrestling

Everyone is required to wish Veda Scott the best in her attempt to hold the most prestigious women’s championship in wrestling history. Be there at the Marchesa on January 4th to see if the long-reigning champion can fend off another top-shelf challenger, or if getting the World Women’s Championship on our shows going forward will involve a ton of stressful, stressful phone calls.