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On July 25th, 1976, the Viking 1 mission circled the planet we call Mars in search of a landing site for its sister ship, Viking 2. During its orbit, it snapped photos for engineers at NASA to study. Amongst these photos was an anomaly; a formation which resembled something monolithic, but familiar. This formation became known commonly as “the face on Mars.” Almost forty years later, NASA received a satellite transmission from the mouth of this construct – a voice, almost human yet somehow greater whispered one phrase – “SUPER FANTASY FORCE, DECEMBER 18th, AT THE RED OAK BALLROOM!”


Ray “Death” Rowe vs. “Juicy” Cherry Ramons

Over the last year, Cherry Ramons’ stock has risen exponentially after some of stellar in-ring performances. Ramons has always possessed an undeniable current of charisma, and his bombastic dance moves never fail to fire the crowd up. Lately, the chatter amongst certain circles is that Cherry has shined against the likes of Greg Symonds and Jojo Bravo. Some critics have even suggested that these were the best matches of their respective events, which were stacked sky-high with phenomenal contests. However, it would appear that Cherry’s roll came to a crashing halt when THE GREAT DEPRESSION re-emerged at BATTLEWARS: 1999. Any time you face a mystery opponent, you are put at a unique disadvantage. In this instance, even those once familiar with Depression, now under the tutelage of Greg Symonds, were thrown. Trimmed down and with an expanded in-ring arsenal, Depression side-swiped Cherry and scooped up the “w” during their October encounter. But you cannot derail the rhythm machine that is Cherry Ramons. He would be the first to tell you that sometimes you fall out of step when the music is loudest. All you can do is keep on moving. Keep hustling. And that is certainly what Cherry intends to do at SUPER FANTASY FORCE when he steps into the ring with one of independent wrestling’s best – RAY “DEATH” ROWE. We last saw Rowe in the ring against Sammy Guevara back at FADE TO BLACK II in quite possibly one of the greatest contests ever hosted within an Inspire Pro ring. While Rowe came up short that night, his performance was so strong that one could hardly consider it a conventional loss. Though these two have met before, Cherry is hungry for the opportunity to put on what he feels could outright steal the show with Rowe. Both men have losses to hurdle over in terms of their ranking within Inspire Pro. We anticipate a high caliber match that may redefine how the fans perceive both of these wrestlers. Bottom line: this is gonna be a hell of a match. DO NOT MISS!

Handicap Match: The Great Depression vs. The Epileptic Caesars (Maximus & Gannicus)

Back in September, “The Paradigm Of Positivity” Greg Symonds promised the return of a familiar individual whom he had blasted and reshaped with the power of positivity. And at BATTLEWARS: 1999, fans were shocked to see the product of what Symonds called his “Gregnancy” — none other than THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Indeed, the monster from the Dust Bowl had seemingly undergone some radical therapy, which had left him in a barely recognizable form. But one thing was still for certain – The Great Depression is still a force in the ring, and perhaps more dangerous than ever before. Depression and Symonds began to wage what they call VIETNAMASTE back in October – this is something Symonds claims is a war that will produce innumerable casualties, which he claims is the ultimate price in attaining inner peace. Symonds is eager to demonstrate Depression’s growing power through positivity, and has therefore arranged a handicap exhibition for December 18th, where The Great Depression will take on both MAXIMUS and GANNICUS, collectively known as THE EPILEPTIC CAESARS. The Caesars were brimming with a kinetic energy at their Inspire Pro debut – and some might say that the Caesars’ frantic nature might catch the lethargic Depression off guard. Nevertheless, Symonds’ confidence is bulletproof and has assured us that the challenge is great, but will the mountain will prevail. Additionally, Symonds has also promised an in-ring YOGA DEMONSTRATION with The Great Depression for those in the audience who wish to attain physical oneness. Just what the hell is this guy selling?

The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) vs. The Ghost Of Barrett Brown 

A while back, The Submission Squad had some sort of revelation regarding their mortality and legacy, and decided that they needed to sire a new generation of wrestling excellence. But first they needed find the vessel to hold all the knowledge they had amassed. After much internal deliberating, Barrett Brown was apparently the chosen one. Barrett struggled through several challenges, some of which bordered on actual abuse, but nevertheless all involved parties seemed committed to helping Barrett ascend to the level of a wrestling god. Well, Barrett has apparently moved on to some otherworldly form. In August, Pierre and Evan stood before the Inspire Pro fans and delivered the horrific news that due to Barrett Brown’s inability to stay on the straight and narrow path which they had illustrated for him that he had perished. Since then, strange things have been happening wherever the Submission Squad has gone. It would seem a supernatural cloud from beyond the grave has dampened the Squad’s luck, materializing at the least opportune times, and in one case even costing them a pivotal championship match. At BATTLEWARS: 1999, the Squad were conspicuous by their absence. Still, this did not seem to discourage the ghost of Barrett Brown from echoing through the Red Oak Ballroom with a challenge for December 18th. At SUPER FANTASY FORCE, Barrett has sworn he will take POSSESS one of the members of the Submission Squad. But which one will it be? BE THERE to find out whose soul Barrett Brown will take! 

The Battle At The Gates Of Ecstasy Battle Royal

At FADE TO BLACK 2, history was etched in gold when Keith Lee and Ricky Starks went head-to-head in a contest which would shine a defining light upon a grey area where two Inspire Pro titles were considered. Although Keith Lee’s Pure Prestige title had been sanctioned briefly after the crowning of the Inspire Pro Championship, it had never clearly been designated as the “secondary title.” Keith, a champion who’d reigned for well over a year with as the Pure Prestige title therefore took it upon himself to clarify matters by challenging the Inspire Pro Champion Ricky Starks to a match in which the rankings of their titles would be determined – a first in professional wrestling history. Imagine if the Ultimate Warrior had challenged Hogan at WrestleMania, not for his title, but for the right to claim that the Intercontinental title was the primary title in the WWF. Starks vs. Lee at Fade To Black 2 was such a match – and it was a phenomenal one. But it was ultimately Keith Lee who won the right to designate The Pure Prestige Belt as the top prize in Inspire Pro. Immediately after the match, Ricky Starks, clearly emotional about what had transpired, stated that he’d lost fair and square, and left his title in the middle of the ring.

The Inspire Pro title was in limbo for a brief period. Keith rejected the idea of inheriting the prize, which essentially left the championship vacated. And so, Inspire Pro officials have created BATTLE AT THE GATES OF ECSTACY – a BATTLE ROYAL in which the last two wrestlers remaining will go on to ECSTASY OF GOLD IV, where they will wrestle in a singles match. The winner of that contest will then be crowned the NEW Inspire Pro Champion.

TWENTY competitors have been selected by Inspire Pro officials to compete in this contest – a lean crop featuring some of the best Inspire Pro has to offer. Amongst them, however, will be a few debuting stars – prospects which Inspire expects tremendous things from. With massive opportunity comes bold effort. Which two people will vie for the Inspire Pro Championship at ECSTASY OF GOLD IV? You’ll have to be there at SUPER FANTASY FORCE to find out.


Kikutaro vs. Jojo Bravo

He is the very embodiment of a SUPER FANTASY FORCE, and he is COMING TO INSPIRE PRO WRESTLING on DECEMBER 18th! Can we truly be prepared for what ensues after wrestling’s cult legend KIKUTARO blasts through the curtains of the prestigious RED OAK BALLROOM? For those unaware, this a man who’s career spans 20-plus years throughout the world, spanning Japan as well as Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Chikara Pro and so many more top organizations. If you have never seen Kikutaro live and in person, this is a rare and incredible treat for which many will travel miles to witness.

Just as Kikutaro’s name was being passed around the Inspire Pro offices, there was one man who immediately felt the force welling from miles away. His keen senses detected some subtle charge in the air. It was as slight as the ripple across a pond set off by the drop of a mere petal, but to him the hint was an epic calling – a massive sensation. Even then, JOJO BRAVO KNEW! Those who have followed the venerable Bravo’s career already understand Kikutaro’s relevance to him. In fact, for many years, Jojo has studied Kikutaro from afar. Though he isn’t quite the same fun-loving guy that he was a few years ago, he may still call Kikutaro a hero of his out loud.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Jojo Bravo, but one cannot help but wonder how standing across the ring in competition for a man he looks up to will impact his balance. Just how deep into the darkness has Bravo slipped? Will he enter the contest abiding respect? Or is he willing to bleed his idol on the chopping block for his own sake? Truly this will be a defining challenge for Bravo. Beyond that, fans DO NOT want to miss this rare opportunity to see an international wrestling legend in action. KIKUTARO vs. JOJO BRAVO, on December 18th at SUPER FANTASY FORCE! Hearts will soar!


Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Championship: CONTRAversy (Davey Vega & Tim Storm) © vs. Joey Ryan & Delilah Doom

They said it would never work. They said it wouldn’t last. Some people said it was down-right odd! But since joining forces, TIM STORM and DAVEY VEGA, better known as CONTRAVERSY have leveled the field and DOMINATED IT. So far, they are the FIRST and ONLY TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION CHAMPIONS, and between them they possess an arsenal of power, speed, and agility that pretty much covers every base when it comes to any challengers who step to their combination. In many ways, CONTRAversy are the PERFECT tag team. Deceptively cohesive, no two people have been able to shake the teamwork of Vega and Storm. But on December 18th, another team will try. Many have said it may take an unconventional pairing to scale the challenge. At SUPER FANTASY FORCE, DELILAH DOOM and a returning JOEY RYAN will face CONTRAversy for the TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION CHAMPIONSHIP.

Back in May of last year, Joey & Delilah joined together for the very first time and proved to be an alarmingly cohesive unit in spite of never having teamed together before. But what they had was an undeniable chemistry that can only be stronger for their second visitation. In their first teaming, Joey and Delilah faced the pairing of Angelus Layne and now-tag champion Tim Storm. Doom demonstrated some incredible offense against Storm at that time, and over the last year, Delilah’s emerged from her tribulations with a new mental toughness and sharper skill that will no doubt makes her formidable. Meanwhile, Joey insists he’s got Vega’s number. Could CONTRAversy be DOOMED? Or will their reign as the superior team in all the land continue into 2017?


Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Championship: “Limitless” Keith Lee © vs. Terrale Tempo

In a brief span of time, TERRALE TEMPO has leapt to the forefront of Inspire Pro’s hearts, towing them in bounds with each victory. There is no denying that the love between Terrale and the fans is damn-near comprehensive. Few Inspire Pro stars elicit the ovation Tempo receives when he cuts through that curtain; unless we’re talking about Inspire Pro’s PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPION KEITH LEE. Both TEMPO and LEE are wildly popular, and both are perhaps at the peak of their game. What will occur when both these men meet in the center of an Inspire Pro ring with the heaviest prize in the company at stake? This clash of charisma and athleticism promises to be both seismic and blinding.

TEMPO’s biggest win to date came at FOREVER, where he was awarded the vacated Fungressional Medal of Honor after surviving a four-way elimination bout against Matthew Palmer, Lance Hoyt, and Steve O Reno. The Medal, which grants the holder with the opportunity to challenge for any title in the company, came into play at BATTLEWARS:1999, when Tempo stood in the ring and respectfully cashed it in. Tempo made it very clear that he respected Keith Lee as both champion and stable mate. He also went on to state that if your goal isn’t to be the top dog in the game that you best get out of it. Therefore, Tempo’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, which is prove to himself how good he really is. No doubt, he will have his work cut out for him on DECEMBER 18th, at SUPER FANTASY FORCE, when he steps into the ring with the seemingly unstoppable KEITH LEE, who has maintained his position of dominance for over 600 days and counting.

This will be a battle with honor and humanity for the ultimate prize. Will Tempo usurp the current champion and walk out of 2016 as the new Pure Prestige Champion? Or will Keith Lee’s reign continue into the New Year? And will this contest impact Chris Trew’s The New Movement? This is just ONE of the matches that makes our December 18th event a CANNOT-MISS for professional wrestling fans. BE THERE to experience the HISTORY and the FURY!

Be there to see Inspire Pro Wrestling close out the year 2016 with a BANG! SUPER FANTASY FORCE is Sunday, December 18th at The Red Oak Ballroom (2525 W. Anderson Lane) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets are priced at $25 with General Admission tickets at $20. Doors open at 5:00 P.M. and bell time is 5:30 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.