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ON APRIL 24th, THE PILLARS OF HEAVEN SHALL TREMBLE ONCE AGAIN as the INSPIRE PRO army descends upon the MARCHESA HALL & THEATER to experience THE HISTORY AND THE FURY! As always, this is going to be an ALL KILLER, NO FILLER mega-event, with the TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION, INSPIRE PRO, and XX DIVISION championships ALL on the line! PLUS, we will see the christening of a NEW J-CROWN champion! The dam’s about to bust a tide of SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH will come crashing through your town with EIGHT EXCITING MATCHES!



Six Person Tag Team Match: The New Movement (Keith Lee, Delilah Doom & Chris vs. The Rabid Empire (Jojo Bravo, Thomas Shire & Nigel Rabid)

For months, two men have been jockeying with one another in the ranks of Inspire Pro to prove that they are the best manager in this organization. Tensions have reached a crescendo, power-plays have been made, and Chris and Nigel Rabid are no less at each others throats. All of it finally comes to a head in this very intriguing Six-Person Tag Team Match. Not only will Trew & Rabid be guiding their collective squadrons, they will be fighting alongside them. On one side, the ever-brazen Jojo Bravo and former Pure Prestige Champion Thomas Shire will join Nigel Rabid in battle. On the other, Chris will have the backup of current Pure Prestige Champion Keith Lee and the continually impressive Delilah Doom. Will it be The Rabid Empire or The New Movement standing tall in this sure to be wild affair?

Reign Or Shine (“Untouchable” Alex Reigns & Moonshine Mantell) vs. The Unholy Complex (“Unholy” Gregory James & “The Complex Killer” Jason Silver)

The tag team action doesn’t stop there as two of Inspire Pro’s top duos will be squaring off for the first time. Reign or Shine are determined to reassert themselves as a super power in the Twin Dragon Division, and following Alex Reigns and Moonshine Mantell’s loss at the hands of Mike Dell at FACES OF VENGEANCE due to dubious means, it would seem their bond is stronger than ever. Their adversaries come in the form of Gregory James and Jason Silver, collectively known as The Unholy Complex. Last month saw Gregory James gained a tremendous victory over former Inspire Pro Champion Matthew Palmer, while scrap-iron Jason Silver took a vicious beating from the legendary MASADA. James and Silver have had a taste of what challenging for gold was like, and they surely hunger for more. This is sure to be quite the battle between four hungry athletes that you do not want to miss.

What Challenge Will Barrett Brown Face Next?

Going into FACES OF VENGEANCE, Pierre Abernathy and Evan Gelistico boasted that they’d have a blockbuster announcement for the wrestling world, and while their news left a lot of people scratching their heads, it certainly proved to be compelling. The wily Gelistico and Abernathy have carved quite a reputation for themselves as one of the greatest tag teams of the modern era. By hook or by crook, they get the job done, often demonstrating a level of wit, cunning, and grappling finesse that leaves others defeated and with their heads spinning. If you go up against the Submission Squad, you will undoubtedly ask yourself asking more than once, “what the hell just happened to me?” But Pierre and Evan have been at this while. They recognize their own mortality at this stage in their career. They have accumulated a lifetime of knowledge between them. And so, The Submission Squad have decided to pour all that they know into one fortunate prodige. Their selection? Barrett Brown. They see a lot of potential in this young man, who’s already clocked in some incredible experience in his years, but there’s a lot more work to be done before he can reach the next echelon. At our last event, Brown faced Delilah Doom under the critical eye of his new mentors, which at times may have seemed like a handicap. However, Evan and Pierre never said it would be easy. According to the Submission Squad, they have another unique challenge in place for their young pupil at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH. Just what have the brainiacs of professional wrestling cooked up Barrett this time? We’re all waiting with baited breath! BE THERE AND FIND OUT!


Triple Threat Ladder Match for the New J-Crown Championship: “The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara vs. “Dirty” Andy Dalton vs. “More Than Just” Steve O’Reno

PEOPLE, we need to talk about Steve. Something just seems a little different about the man since FADE TO BLACK last year. That was where he lost the J-Crown to Sammy Guevara, who then proceeded to stomp it to pieces and declare the title dead. Steve considered that an act of war. Unfortunately, a hiatus from the ring due to injury cut his path short and has afforded him a lot of time to sit back, watch the Inspire Pro landscape shift, and really ruminate on everything that’s occurred to him in the last year. But now Steve is ready to return, and he’s apparently coming back with a slight attitude adjustment. Fun only gets you so far in this game, and Steve is ready to acknowledge that by bringing a new edge to the ring when he returns on April 24th.

Last month at FACES OF VENGEANCE when “Dirty” Andy Dalton attempted to gain sweet revenge on former cohort Sammy Guevara, Steve foiled the whole affair with a LADDER. After attacking BOTH MEN, he ascended the rungs, and declared a time for war. He may not have the crown, but his brow is still heavy, and it’s time to relieve the weight. Not only does Steve have designs for the man who destroyed his J-Crown, he also let it be known that he does not care who cheers for Andy Dalton now – he still hasn’t forgotten or forgiven him of his past transgresses. With that, Steve laid out a challenge. On April 24th, at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, he will kill TWO BIRDS WITH ONE LADDER. He will finally avenge the loss of the J-Crown by re-establishing the title in the format that made it famous, and at the same time he’ll crucify Andy Dalton for his sins. THIS IS GOING TO BE A CANNOT-MISS MATCHUP worth the price of admission alone! BE THERE!

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MASADA vs. Teddy Hart

On April 24th, one of the most strange and compelling matches ever proposed will erupt in an Inspire Pro ring when the Sultan of Slaughter MASADA goes up against aerial innovator TEDDY HART. At FACES OF VENGEANCE, fans were shocked when MASADA stepped through the curtain as the more-qualified replacement for Inspire Pro Owner Max Meehan in his fight with Jason Silver. MASADA brought forth a level of vicious destruction unseen before in Inspire Pro. Later, following the victory over Silver, MASADA took the mic and made it very apparent that his services did not come without a price. What did MASADA want? A one-on-one contest with a man whose reputation for wildness precedes him; they have worked the same rings for nearly the same number of years, and yet somehow an encounter between the two has never transpired. At SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, that will change when two wrestlers known for their insanity and unpredictability collide. The eye of the storm is gonna get a Texas handshake, and THERE WILL BE BLOOD! BE THERE on April 24th to experience THE HISTORY AND THE FURY!

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Inspire Pro Championship Match with Special Guest Referee Carson: “Absolute” Ricky Starks © vs. “One Man” Mike Dell

When you’re somebody with something that everybody covets, it puts you at the center of the universe and brands you with a bulls eye. That’s become painfully apparent to Ricky Starks since winning the Inspire Pro Championship at last year’s FADE TO BLACK event. Since then, he’s been in constant struggles, even after the bell has been rung. On February 28th at FACES OF VENGEANCE, original Inspire Pro Champion “One Man” MIKE DELL edged closer to his goal of regaining the title by winning a triple-threat, which automatically got him a title shot at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH. That same night, Ricky Starks met with The Texas Lion CARSON in yet another spectacular Match of the Year Candidate, where he retained his title. Once the match ended, Dell took the opportunity to make a point by firing the first shot and establishing his dominance. While Dell pulled the trigger, Ricky dodged the bullet. Starks narrowly dodged the elbow, and when Dell came back up, Carson was waiting for him. The history runs deep between these two, and Carson was none too pleased with Dell’s presence in the ring following proud competition.

AND IT’S ABOUT TO GET MORE INTERESTING! Dell has always been a guy who will do whatever it takes to reach his goal, and he did just that at FACES OF VENGEANCE. Some would say he exploited a bond in attempt to overcome Reigns and Moonshine in the Number One Contender match. Others would say his victory was without honor. Inspire Pro Officials even expressed concern with how Dell conducted himself in the ring, by not only putting his hands on a referee in his own match, but by manhandling another when attempting to get to Starks. Recently, Senior Officials expressed concern with being in between Dell when he’s so close to his ultimate goal. It became clear that Inspire would need an official who could maintain a balance of fairness in such a heated contest. Therefore, Carson has been sworn in as an Inspire Pro Referee and will be handling duties in the Championship match between Ricky Starks and Mike Dell. Carson has vowed to call this down the middle, and claims he will not pushed around or manipulated in any way, shape or fashion.

We already KNEW this was going to a fantastic contest, but this development certainly throws a splash of color across the playing field. THIS MATCH is going to be a BEAST!

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Inspire Pro XX Division Championship Match: Jessica James © vs. “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven

Since capturing the XX Division Championship, Jessica James has made it her mission to reinvigorate women’s wrestling in the state of Texas. Beyond addressing any and all challengers, Jessica has made the statement that she wants to be known as a HUNTING CHAMPION. She’s out to make the XX Division belt pivotal by challenging herself in the process. At February’s FACES OF VENGEANCE, Hoodslam’s Brittany Wonder gave Jessica just what she was looking for – a match that drove her to the limit and set a standard for what she wants for Inspire’s XX Division. After her hard-fought victory against Wonder, Jessica issued another challenge, stating simply that she wanted Inspire to “bring the Mountain to her.” Back in February of 2015, at the UNDENIABLE event, “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven wrestled for the very first time on Texas soil and made a definitive impact by defeating Jessica James. These two would collide again in tag team action at CLASH AT THE BASH II, and while Jessica attempted to adapt, she was left without retribution. On April 24th, at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, The Huntress Jessica James will attempt to break down The Mountain, Vanessa Kraven. The Champion has much to prove to herself against an opponent with a definitive size and strength advantage. Whether James retains, or Kraven returns to Montreal with the prize, this is sure to be a phenomenal bout which will result in the XX Division title shining brighter than ever.

Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Championship Match: CONTRAversy (“Bleeding Heart” Davey Vega & Tim “The Perfect” Storm) vs. Princes Of The Universe (Terrale Tempo & TBA) 

Initially, the pairing of Storm and Vega seemed unlikely, if not a bit odd, to most. To those with a trained eye, it was a brilliant union. While Vega brought an innovative, technical style to the table, Storm was the old school powerhouse. Collectively, they encapsulate speed and brawn to form one of the most formidable and exciting tag teams working under the sun today. They call their undeniable chemistry CONTRAversy! These two men have been a part of some of the most incredible matches on any card they have been featured on thus far, and they show no signs of slowing down. But on April 24th, they face quite an interesting challenge.

Chris is a man who can materialize resource out of thin air. Give the man one loaf and a single bass, and in two days you’ll be swimming in fish sandwiches. Earlier last month, Chris made a case before the INSPIRE PRO COUNCIL, requesting a TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION title shot at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH. It was at this meeting, though, that Chris Trew revealed that due to personal conflict Donovan Danhausen had recently been forced to dissolve his contract with The New Movement. Rather than view this as a handicap, Chris saw this as an opportunity to make the match even MORE ENTICING! Chris has always been for surprises that deliver, and at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH he will reveal TERRALE TEMPO’S partner and NEWEST PRINCE. He promises that the reveal will send a shockwave through the Inspire Pro landscape, and that they will walk away with the titles in hand that night. Typically, this would put most tag teams at a disadvantage, but CONTAversy claims their assets cover the entire field. Just WHO will Chris Trew materialize in the main event? BE THERE ON APRIL 24th to find out!

SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH is April 24th at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre (6226 Middle Fiskville Road) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets have already sold out, but you can still order General Admission tickets for only $15. Doors open at 5:00 P.M. and bell time is 5:30 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.