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ON AUGUST 31st, INSPIRE PRO WRESTLING FIGHTS FIRE WITH FIRE! We will BREAK the heat with a stout card of purely MAIN EVENT tier matchups! We’ve got an old school street fight, an NWA women’s title defense, the Inspire Pro championship on the line, along with a number one championship contender match ALL IN ONE NIGHT! The complete card is as follows:


STREET FIGHT: “That Guy” SCOTTY SANTIAGO vs. “Chi-Towns Finest” MR. B

Back at CLASH AT THE BASH, Mr. B was allotted the opportunity to compete in a singles contest against one of the top up-and-comers in Inspire Pro. His opponent was also a man who he was quite aggressive with back at the J-Crown Coronation Gauntlet, “That Guy ” Scotty Santiago. Mr. B’s citing of “politics” being the cause of his lack of success in Inspire Pro was tested in this singles match. And as we have seen in the past, Mr. B underestimated Santiago’s abilities, which ultimately cost him the match. Santiago, sportsman that he is, offered his opponent a handshake following his victory. Mr. B did not respond very kindly with this gesture, and a pull-apart brawl ensued. Mr. B has since requested a rematch against Santiago, and vows that he will not take this opportunity so lightly. In fact, he has requested that the match take place on his own terms: A STREET FIGHT. While Santiago is a man of integrity, he can still be provoked, and was eager to accept Mr. B’s challenge. However, Santiago is playing on Mr. B’s turf now, and there’s no telling what he’s got up his sleeve. Bring your A-Game, Mr. Santiago, along with the kitchen sink!

THE HOLLYWOOD KNIVES (Stevo Reno & Bradley Axel Dawson) vs. THE ORPHANS (Zac & DG Taylor)

While they are undefeated with three straight wins in Inspire Pro, The Hollywood Knives definitely do not seem to be riding high, especially if you ask Stevo Reno. That’s because a hefty majority of the grunt work seems to be put in by Stevo, while Bradley Axel Dawson has been conveniently put out during the early goings of every contest they’ve had thus far. Come August 31st, The Hollywood Knives will need to sharpen up their communication skills if they look to continue their winning ways. Standing across the ring from them will be two brothers who we first saw back at CLASH AT THE BASH join Jeffrey Gant in a three on one attack of Jeff’s former boss in LEGION, “Unholy” Gregory James. But, that would not be the last time we would see these two, as they jumped Kyle Hawk at NO TURNING BACK, sandwiching the young brave’s skull between two steel chairs before being ejected from the building. We now know the duo to be Zac and DG Taylor, who’ve joined the group that Jeff Gant has named “The Orphans.” Both brothers will make their official in-ring debuts at RELENTLESS. Will this new team be able to stack up when playing by the rules?


On August 31st at RELENTLESS, “Absolute” Ricky Starks is back in an Inspire Pro Wrestling ring. Even though he picked up a loss, Starks showing against Scot Summers back at CLASH AT THE BASH has given Ricky great momentum going forward, as he is looking to take the respect gained from Summers in that contest and use it as fuel to his fire. This time around, Starks will be facing a man returning to Inspire Pro Wrestling, none other than Gary Jay. Last time we saw Gary was back in January, as a part of the number one contenders four-way match at ECSTASY OF GOLD. Luckily for Inspire Pro, no more insane requests from Gary’s personal rider will need to be obtained, as this Midwest standout is looking to make a lasting impression this time around. Two highly skilled athletes duking it out in a contest you have to see for yourself.


As previously mentioned, Jeffrey Gant made his surprise return to Inspire Pro Wrestling back at CLASH AT THE BASH, orchestrating a three on one attack against Gregory James, the man who exiled Jeffrey from LEGION during his time as the unholy disciple known as Blasphemer. Jeff had been off the radar in Inspire Pro since NO ROOM TO DIE, and his intentions upon his return are still not entirely clear. But, he will be back in action on August 31st, in what is sure to be an uphill battle of gigantic proportions. Since January of this year, Franco D’Angelo has been on a tear across Inspire Pro and the wrestling world, proving to be just as methodical as he is powerful. Very few savor stepping into the ring with “The Bionic Beast”, but young Jeff Gant has actually REQUESTED to do JUST THAT at RELENTLESS. Jeff very clearly has something to prove here, but most have voiced that this appears to be a suicide mission of sorts.

Number One Contender’s Match to the Inspire Pro Championship: “Dirty” ANDY DALTON vs. JAX DANE

With Ray “Death” Rowe competing for the Inspire Pro Championship in our main event, management is looking to crown a brand new Number One Contender to face whoever is victorious. And, one man who is not afraid to petition about the opportunities he feels he deserves is “Dirty” Andy Dalton. Dalton contends that following his intense clashes as of late, including his performance against New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Takaaki Watanabe back at NO ROOM TO DIE, he is more than deserving of a chance to fight for the Number One Contendership. And this time, Inspire Pro management has been inclined to agree with Dalton, as they have granted him an opportunity to earn a title shot. But, it is clear based off of his opponent that Dalton will definitely have to earn it. Because, standing across the ring from him on August 31st will be a man taking the National Wrestling Alliance by storm, the Inspire Pro debuting Jax Dane. The massive Dane has not only ran through competition all across the NWA, but has even stepped into the squared circle with some of the elite competitors that New Japan Pro Wrestling has to offer, on their home turf. Who will leave RELENTLESS as the brand new Number One Contender?

World Class Championship Match: “King Of The Underground” SCOT SUMMERS © vs. “The American Psycho” LANCE HOYT

As of late, Scot Summers has directed his focus to Inspire Pro Chairman Gregory Symonds, using his self-instituted World Class Championship to stick it to Symonds authority. It was clear that Ricky Starks inability to defeat Summers for the belt at CLASH AT THE BASH only frustrated our head of office even more, going so far as attacking Scot following the contest. On August 31st, Scot Summers has agreed to put his title on the line once again. However, the latest competitor that has stepped up to the plate in an attempt to take the World Class Championship off of the “King Of The Underground” is none other than “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt, a man who was inches away from being Inspire Pro champion at CLASH AT THE BASH. Hoyt has been enraged ever since that night, anger caused both by his inability to capture gold and what he sees as improper ring introductions from Brandon Stroud. And as he returns to America after competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Climax, he is looking to unleash that anger at RELENTLESS, surely to the delight of Chairman Gregory Symonds. What will happen when these two combustible elements collide?

“The Heaviest Sumo In The Land” JOJO BRAVO vs. JORDAN JENSEN

It’s been over a year since Jordan Jensen bolted through the crowd at the first ever Inspire Pro event, attacking his former tag team partner and best friend JoJo Bravo. Since that moment, both men have been on divergent paths within this company, reaching gigantic heights coupled with some just as gigantic lows. However, the bad blood between these two has refused to pass, no matter what they attempt in their careers. At CLASH AT THE BASH, the two stood across the ring from one another for the very first time in tag team action. The result was less that definitive, as Davey Vega laid out Bravo in a true act of betrayal, causing the match to end in disqualification. This time around, there will be no partners. There will be only JoJo Bravo and Jordan Jensen, one-on-one to settle the score. This grudge match is something that you truly do not want to miss. Some predict a biblical flood of bad blood will ravage the Marchesa on August 31st.

NWA World Women’s Championship Match: BARBI HAYDEN © vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” ATHENA

Inspire Pro’s XX Division has been progressing month after month, as female wrestlers from across Texas and beyond have showcased their skills on a platform where wrestling thrives. Since coming to Inspire Pro Wrestling, Barbi Hayden has faced all comers head on, taking the NWA World Women’s Championship and women’s wrestling to new heights. But, among the many competitors in the XX Division, “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena continues to be a cut above the rest, proving to be quite possibly the most athletically gifted and hard hitting competitor in the sport today. At RELENTLESS, these two will square off in an NWA World Women’s Championship match. While she has accomplished a great deal in her wrestling career, Athena has never once challenged for the prestigious NWA World Women’s Championship. And with her spot in the XX Division Championship finals already secured, could “The Wrestling Goddess” be heading into that contest with gold already around her waist? Not if Barbi Hayden has anything to say about it. This is sure to be a can’t-miss matchup.

Inspire Pro Championship Match: “One Man” MIKE DELL © vs. An Opponent Of His Choosing

At CLASH AT THE BASH with his big victory over “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer, Ray “Death” Rowe sealed the deal and earned himself a championship opportunity on August 31st at RELENTLESS. And later that night when Inspire Pro Champion “One Man” Mike Dell successfully retained his title against “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt, it seemed as if what could quite possibly be the most important Inspire Pro Championship match in its short history was set.

That was until the news broke that Ray Rowe was the victim of a motorcycle accident, an accident that injured Rowe severely enough for him to miss an extended period of time in the ring. Knowing the competitor that Ray “Death” Rowe is, we know that he will work his hardest to make it back inside the squared circle as soon as possible, and we at Inspire Pro send our best wishes to him towards a healthy recovery.

But, the championship main event for RELENTLESS was then in limbo. After much debate from Inspire Pro management as they weighed the various options, it was decided that the champion “One Man” Mike Dell will be able to decide his opponent for that evening. Dell will step into the ring for the main event that night, and name his challenger right then and there. Meanwhile, the brass has put the entire roster on high alert. Literally anybody on the Inspire roster could be selected, so everyone in the Marchesa Hall & Theatre better be ready.

This is sure to be a jam-packed night of professional wrestling action you do not want to miss. RELENTLESS is August 31st at The Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, Texas. Tickets are available in two sections. $15 for front row (only 50 seats available) and general admission tickets are $12 each, with doors opening at 5:30PM and bell time at 6PM. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.