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There are no weather predictions at the moment, but we assure you that the HEAVENS WILL RUMBLE when Inspire Pro returns to the Austin Sports Center in South Austin for LICENSE TO DEATH WISH on MAY 28th! Not only will a Fort Knox in splendor be on the line, but the bones of an impending cataclysm will begin to form in a tournament with a prize that has never been seen before in professional wrestling!


As always, we begin our shows with a main event caliber matchup, and you’re going to want to ensure that you are THERE EARLY for this one. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re kicking off LICENSE TO DEATH WISH with what promises to be an incredible match –



Folks, we need to talk about Matthew. Since Autumn of 2016, most who know the man they call “Centerfold” had noticed that he’d begun to go through a personal metamorphosis. While he’d rounded a corner in burying a hatchet with one of his most bitter enemies, another challenger had reared his head. Where one personal battle with Andy Dalton had ended in a bizarre friendship, another war began with one Steve O Reno, who seemed to hold Matt Palmer accountable for his newfound pal’s past misdeeds. Steve continued to push, prod, and berate Palmer over several months, which finally culminated in a phenomenal grudge bout which pushed both men to the brink of darkness. However, some might say that Palmer never returned from that precipice. Circumstances would continue to pit Matt and Steve together. Steve would go on to win the vacated Inspire Pro title in a match where Matt had stacked a sure-fire deck against him, and ultimately this would culminate in a bitter street fight which nearly broke the backs of both competitors, and left Matt’s scalp split. While Palmer technically came up short, this was a battle pushed both men into another realm as competitors.

Many wondered how Matt might rebound after the Inspire Pro title had once again slipped through his fingers. The man was quick to respond by requesting a match for LICENSE TO DEATHWISH – and it’s one that has many intrigued.

ECSTASY OF GOLD 4 saw TERRALE TEMPO compete against his biggest opponent to date, none other than ACH. Both men went to a thirty-minute time limit draw and would continue to fight to another draw in the added five minute overtime. While neither man emerged from the match victorious, Tempo was able to take the fight to his opponent, something which enraged the world-traveled ACH. Backstage, Matthew Palmer watched the battle between these two peak athletes rage wildly on monitors, and the wheels were apparently turning. By the time the buzzer had sounded and ACH left without putting away the man whom he’d loudly dismissed, Palmer had made a decision in his head. He needed to beat Tempo.

Palmer fast approached Biss later that night and demanded the match be made, and with he made a couple of strange requests. Foremost, Palmer has requested that he no longer be referred to as “The Centerfold.” Instead, he has “ordered” that from here on out he be known as “Showtime” Matthew Palmer – a familiar moniker, no doubt. He also said that he has a stipulation for this match – a steak – which he will name on May 28th when he steps into the ring with Tempo. Chris Trew has eagerly accepted the terms of the match and is eager to hear Palmer’s proposal. Palmer has much to conquer at LICENSE TO DEATHWISH, and he will be putting something on the line that night. Palmer has vowed, “’Showtime” Matthew Palmer will rise again!” Strange but nevertheless compelling, and at the heart of it will be one of the most anticipated matches on our May 28th card, when MATTHEW PALMER takes on TERRALE TEMPO! This is a HELL of a way to kick off a phenomenal card!


While the Number One Contender for the J-Crown Championship will be determined later in the evening, that doesn’t mean that the brand new holder of the crown J.C. Res has the night off. The man formerly known as Jojo Bravo has taken what he calls his “Get Serious Tour 2017” to a whole new level when he captured the illustrious J-Crown from “Dirty” Andy Dalton at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4. Now that the crown sits atop his head, J.C. Res looks to show the Inspire Pro faithful just how serious he is about elevating the title. But on May 28th at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, Inspire Pro management has decided to give a chance to a man whose high flying, aerial offense has turned some heads as of late, one half of The Epileptic Caesars, Maximus. Impressing as of late with his partner Gannicus, Maximus shifts his focus from tag team competition towards one of the most prized possessions in all of Inspire Pro. Could the young and hungry Maximus call himself J-Crown Champion by the end of the night or will the Get Serious Tour roll on?


Back in March at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, Delilah Doom was able to defeat both Ivory Robyn and Allie Kat in a Triple Threat contest to become the brand new Inspire Pro XX Division Champion. While both Ivory and Allie were unsuccessful in their vie for gold, Inspire Pro CEO Justin Bissonnette let both competitors know that they were walking away with opportunity based on their performances that night. Inspire Pro Wrestling has always been about giving young, hungry competitors a chance. And, Ivory Robyn and Allie Kat will get just that when they face off at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, with the winner becoming the Number One Contender for the Inspire Pro J-Crown Championship. Since coming to Inspire Pro Wrestling, both Ivory Robyn and Allie Kat have been laser focused towards Inspire Pro’s XX Division Title. But now, a chance to make history and be the first woman to capture the J-Crown is now at their fingertips. Which one of these two ladies will leave the Austin Sports Center with an opportunity of a lifetime? And could we soon see a crown once designed for a king be adorned by a queen?


Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves! At LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, “IT” BEGINS, and INSPIRE PRO will never be the same once “IT” has been set in motion! May 28th will be packed with matches of meteoric importance, and amongst them are several qualifiers for the LAWLESS DARKNESS tournament, which will leave a deep impact on the face of Inspire Pro. Inspire Pro owner Justin Bissonnette has been guarded about just what this tournament is about, but has vowed that it will be a revolutionary game changer unlike anything seen in the business thus far today. What he has told us is that the tournament will span several events, from qualifying rounds, to semi-final rounds, to an ultimate finale. The winner of the tournament will be henceforth known as THE LAWLESS DARKNESS. What exactly that means has been left in the shadows, and Biss tells us he will reveal all at May 28ths event. In the meantime, he has hinted that whomever dawns the mantle of Lawless Darkness in Inspire Pro shall be bestowed with transcendental powers within the company. At LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, there will be three qualifying matches, and they go as follows. 


For the first qualifier, Inspire has chosen to revive the infamous NO MERCY GAUNTLET to determine the first man to move on to the semi-finals. For the uninitiated, the NO MERCY GAUNTLET starts off with four men in the ring. Each time one of the competitors is eliminated, a new challenger enters. Once the well has one dry, the last man standing will continue on to July 3rd at GO FOR BROKE. So far, Inspire has determined seven competitors for this event, but what’s a wrestling event without a few surprises and wild cards thrown in for good measure?


Recently coming off a loss of his J-Crown Championship at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, the former Inspire Pro Champion “Dirty” ANDY DALTON will be looking to rebound in this first round of the Lawless Darkness Tournament when he takes on the return of the high-flying “Dirty Rook” MAT FITCHETT. A clash of styles and personalities to say the least, this is sure to be quite the spirited affair. At LICENSE TO DEATHWISH, we find out just who the dirtiest of them all is!


The third qualifying match will see the unorthodox spitfire Gary Jay, who we last saw back at SUPER FANTASY FORCE as a part of the BATTLE AT THE GATES OF ECSTASY. With what seems to be another prize of epic proportion at stake, Gary Jay looks to fair better than he did in December, and to do so will have to defeat another returning competitor in “Untouchable” Alex Reigns. Reigns has not graced an Inspire Pro ring since April of last year and looks to pick right back up where he left off. We predict a hard hitting, knock-down, drag out contest.



What a journey it has been for Delilah Doom that finally culminated last month at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, with Delilah capturing the piece of championship gold she had been eyeing since first coming to Inspire Pro over two years ago, the XX Division Championship. No longer the small fish in the tank of piranhas, Delilah Doom now reigns atop Inspire Pro’s female roster as champion. But keep in mind, that is not Delilah’s only championship she holds here in Inspire Pro. In fact, she will be defending a very different one at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH.

Back in December at SUPER FANTASY FORCE, Tim Storm was forced to relinquish his half of the Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Championships for being unable to appear at Inspire Pro events due to other obligations. Inspire Pro management, not wanting to strip Davey Vega of the championship he had earned, created an alternative. The originally scheduled tag team title defense would now become a Triple Threat Match. If Davey Vega were to leave victorious, he would have the option of choosing a replacement tag team partner going forward. However, if either Delilah Doom or Joey Ryan were to win, they would win the blue Twin Dragon strap and become Vega’s new tag team championship partner. One Dooma-ye knee strike from Delilah Doom to her former partner Joey later, and Delilah Doom and Davey Vega had become Twin Dragon Connection Champions. While Vega would look confused and befuddled, he would eventually accept a handshake from Doom, the woman who he would have to work together with if he wanted to remain champion.

Well, this unique duo is going to have to find a way to work together come May 28th, because they are in for a hell of a first title defense as they take on the returning JOEY RYAN and the debuting CANDICE LERAE, collectively known as The Worlds Cutest Tag Team. Joey’s originally vie for the Twin Dragon Connection titles with Delilah Doom did not exactly go as planned. But, with his former PWG Tag Team Championship partner by his side, who knows what could happen. This is going to be quite the interesting clash that you do not want to miss.



Some say that winning a championship is akin to being drafted into a war, and at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, STEVE O RENO gained some heavy battle scars in the process of retaining his title. Standing toe to toe with Matthew Palmer, both men left pieces of themselves buried in the rubble of the ring that night. Through the storm of chairs, kitchen sinks, ladders, wooden boards and even cinder blocks, Steve O Reno emerged with the only piece of hardware that mattered to him hoisted high above his head in victory. While Steve walked away with the “W” that night, this trial no doubt took a toll on his body and quite possibly even his psyche. A title reign such as this will be a journey that will no doubt shape the young competitor, and the changes he incurs will influence his stride down that golden path.

There can be no rest for the weary as Steve will face a massive obstacle of a different nature on May 28th at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH. This time, it comes from a man making his Inspire Pro Wrestling debut — a man who at only 22 years of age has become one of the most talked about names on the independent wrestling scene today. We are talking about none other than LIO RUSH. The winner of the Ring Of Honor Top Prospect Tournament in 2016, Lio Rush has made short work of becoming a commodity to promotions everywhere. With the wave of momentum that Lio is on, could he leave his first night in the Austin Sports Center as Inspire Pro Champion? Steve better be prepared because holding onto his coveted gold after May 28th will be no small task. Do not miss this first time ever matchup of epic proportions at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH.



The contracts have been signed. The match has been set. May 28th at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, the Pure Prestige Championship is up for grabs. On one side, you have the champion KEITH LEE. Not only is he a man with truly limitless ability, but a man who has championed Inspire Pro beyond just holding the golden strap. Without a doubt, Keith Lee has become the name on everyone’s lips in the wrestling world and for good reason. On the other side, you have SAMMY GUEVARA. A man who while arrogantly claiming to be “The Best Ever”, steps into the ring and proves doubters wrong each and every night with his daredevil risks and incredible athletic ability. But as his skill increases, so does his ego. And Sammy Guevara uses that ego to continually disrespect any wrestler who opposes him, and in turn Inspire Pro Wrestling as a whole.

At SUPER FANTASY FORCE, following a successful championship title defense, Keith Lee was propositioned with a mission so to speak by Inspire Pro CEO Justin Bissonnette, that being to take care of the Sammy Guevara problem. Always up for a challenge, Keith accepted. For him, this was just another hurdle in his multi-year long reign as Pure Prestige Champion.

But at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, Sammy Guevara would make an unexpected appearance in the Pure Prestige Championship match, nearly costing Keith Lee the gold against Sami Callihan. However, in the end Guevara might have wished he was in Mexico as originally advertised when he found himself at the business end of a mighty loud Spirit Bomb. While Lee would go on to retain his championship against Callihan, Keith was without a doubt fuming at Guevara for tampering in his match – in essence, sullying the “purity” of the competition for which the title is KNOWN for. Now, it’s not just another defense. Sammy Guevara has made an enemy in Keith Lee.

Will Keith Lee be the one to finally humble Guevara or will Sammy do what many feel is impossible and beat the unbeatable?

LICENSE TO DEATH WISH is Sunday, May 28th at The Austin Sports Center (425 Woodward St.) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets are sold out, however General Admission tickets are still available for $15. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. and bell time is 6:00 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.


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