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Some simply step through the looking glass. On July 2nd, INSPIRE PRO will SHATTER it at GO FOR BROKE! EVERY SEAT will be at ground zero when we once again invade the AUSTIN SPORTS CENTER with another momentous card of face-melting action! Be there to experience the history and the fury with EIGHT over the top matches, including the following!




Suffice to say that J.C. Res has dug himself a sizable hole leading up to his first J-Crown defense. At LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, J.C. was originally set to defend the title against one-half of the EPILEPTIC CESARS, MAXIMUS. Unfortunately, a hip injury sidelined the young high flier, leaving J.C. without a match. Nevertheless, the J-Crown champ didn’t take the night off. Instead, he inserted himself into the number one J-Crown contenders match between ALLIE KAT and IVORY ROBYN as the SPECIAL REFEREE. After all, what better way to look after your best interests than to put yourself in the middle and scout your next potential opponent? Unfortunately, J.C. showed his hand and a flagrant lack of respect toward both these competitors through some flunky officiating which made it nearly impossible to for either woman to simply wrestle a pure match. Eventually the match broke down and both women had had it with J.C.’s fidget spinning antics, and they physically laid into the J-Crown champion. Perhaps pushing the competitors to react was his plan all along, as he immediately ruled the match a no-contest, and therefore decreed that there was NO number one contender. J.C. even demanded that both Kat and Robyn he punished for laying their hands on an Inspire Pro official. Inspire Pro CEO Justin Bissonnette agreed, and decided that he could think of no greater punishment than for both competitors to have to be in a ring with the insufferable J.C. Res. And so, on July 2nd, at GO FOR BROKE, it will be Allie Kat vs. Ivory Robyn vs. J.C. Res for the J-Crown. Could we see history made with a first-ever female J-Crown winner? Or, will the reign of J.C. Res continue to live on? 


If one follows the trajectory of MATTHEW PALMER’S career in Inspire Pro since he first set foot in the company, one should not be surprised by the turn of personality we have seen as of late. His story has been nothing short of epic. There have been many twists and turns, with some of the greatest matches wrestled in the company to date. He’s also experienced a lot of loss and heart break. For the record, Palmer remains perhaps the shortest reigning Inspire Pro champion – holding the title for mere minutes before a brash loss to Andy Dalton. In December of last year, Matt had a grand opportunity to reset what has been a glaring wrong that has largely colored his time in the company. Unfortunately, not only did he come up short against a vie against Steve O Reno for the Inspire Pro title, but Steve also retained the title in a Street Fight against Palmer back at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4. At that point, there became a noticeable difference in Palmer’s persona.

Prior to LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, Matt had made a cryptic statement that he now realized there was an ingredient missing in his career. Prior to his match against TERRALE TEMPO, he let us all know exactly what he meant. The inimitable KEITH LEE reigned as PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPION for an astounding 798 days before he was unseated, with the beloved ROXY CASTILLO by his side all the way. Roxy’s contribution to THE NEW MOVEMENT, and particularly as KEITH LEE’s center of power, has been one of the greatest stories in the annals of Inspire Pro. This was certainly apparently to Palmer when he made a fateful deal that may not only have been the undoing of The New Movement, but also cost Keith Lee the Pure Prestige Championship that very same night.

At LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, Matt challenged Tempo to a match wherein if he were to win, he would retain the services of Roxy Castillo as his new manager going forward. Needless to say, Matt was victorious on that night. With Roxy now in his service, one can’t help but wonder how this will impact Matt’s career in Inspire Pro going forward. Matt has mentioned since “winning” Roxy that he feels “inspired” to take a new and unconventional path with a new focus. We guess we will see what he means by that when he faces a returning CHERRY RAMONS at GO FOR BROKE on July 2nd!

Based off of his most recent performances, Cherry has been on the path to make 2017 his year in Inspire Pro. And while Cherry has missed about a month of action due to injury, this uniquely talented competitor is frothing to regain traction on his way toward a title. Meanwhile, Palmer has made several cryptic statements about how pivotal this match will be – not necessarily in terms of a personal victory for him, but as a loss for Cherry. According to “Showtime,” the stakes run deeper than gold. Just what does he mean by that? Be there at GO FOR BROKE to find out!


INSPIRE PRO has received a request that is uniquely TREW for July 2nd’s event. The man behind the meteoric NEW MOVEMENT stable has vowed that he not only has a statement planned, but he has promised a new beginning of sorts. The events of LICENSE TO DEATH WISH delivered what might have been crippling losses to most houses. Trew admits that his stable is on the verge of collapse since the departure of both Roxy Castillo and Lee’s loss of the Pure Prestige Championship. However, he refuses to accept these defeats as anything less than the immolation which will allow him to rebuild his meager house into a MANSION! Chris has kept what he has in mind under tight wraps, but says he’ll have a major announcement at the next event pertaining to the fate of The New Movement. “See, what you might not be able to grasp,” Trew said confidently, “is that the key to any real movement is keeping things NEW!”


INSPIRE PRO has made a revolutionary determination that will forever impact the TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION titles going forward. Currently held by DAVEY VEGA and DELILAH DOOM, the titles have sparsely been defended recently due to a myriad of issues. Things became even more complicated with Doom captured the XX Division championship several months ago, putting her in a position where she must alternate her defenses for each respective title. In May it was announced that Delilah Doom would be defending her XX Division title against Thunder Rosa at GO FOR BROKE on JULY 2nd. Red Dragon Davey Vega was vocal in his displeasure at missing out on an opportunity to once again defend the tag championships, and his frustration has been addressed by Inspire Pro CEO Justin Bissonnette, who felt the time was right to pull the trigger on a concept the company had kept on the back burner since the very inception of the titles.

On July 2nd, at GO FOR BROKE, neither Vega nor his RED DRAGON Championship will have the night off. Inspire Pro has ruled that effective immediately that EACH of the Twin Dragon titles MAY BE DEFENDED INDIVIDUALLY IN SINGLES MATCHES. What this means is that either Twin Dragon champion can defend their half of the titles in singles matches. Davey Vega will be doing just that on July 2nd, with the major implication being that if he does not retain his title, then Delilah will have a NEW PARTNER in September at A HERO NEVER DIES.

At GO FOR BROKE, there is the distinct possibility that we may see a new RED DRAGON CHAMPION when Vega defends the title in a TRIPLE-THREAT ELIMINATION MATCH. The good news is that this format means that he must be pinned or submit in this match in order to lose. However, he’ll be going up against both “Unholy” GREGORY JAMES and “Untouchable” ALEX REIGNS in a triple-threat elimination. Just who will walk out of GO FOR BROKE as TAG CHAMPS with DELILAH DOOM? Place your bets now!



After months of anticipation, Inspire Pro CEO Justin Bissonnette finally unfurled the details swirling around the mysterious LAWLESS DARKNESS tournament at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH. Four qualifying matches took place that night, with the winners proceeding to GO FOR BROKE on July 2nd. The finale transpires at A HERO NEVER DIES on September 3rd, where Inspire Pro will crown its first ever LAWLESS DARKNESS. But what exactly does this mean? The man who wins the tournament walks away with a complete and utter immunity from the rules for the term of ONE YEAR. No DQs. No count-outs. No rope breaks. No holds barred. The man who will be the Lawless Darkness shall be bestowed with near God-like power that could allow them to ascend to the very top of the mountain.

With that power at stake, the competition leapt to a frenzied peak rarely seen at the qualifying level. The gravity was crushing, but four men moved onto the semi-final round at GO FOR BROKE.

Our first semi-final will pit “Ruthless” RYAN DAVIDSON, who laid waste throughout the second-ever NO MERCY 64 gauntlet, against “Dirty” ANDY DALTON, who took a merciless victory against the formidable MAT FITCHETT. Anticipate a brutal affair between these two. Both men have proven to be hard-hitting opponents, but Dalton is on another level when it comes to absorbing punishment. Davidson is a beast without relent and an insane reserve of power, the depths of which have yet to be entirely tested. On the other hand, Dalton is cunning and with a spirit made of scrap iron. This will be a contest of brains and brutality with no clear cut favorite to call. This one will get wicked.


The second Lawless Darkness semi-final of the night will feature up-and-coming KODY LANE, who pulled a major upset victory against Michael Elgin prodige MATT KENWAY and “Unholy” GREG JAMES in a triple-threat elimination match. Lane has been traveling the North American continent, absorbing experience like a sponge, and it shows. Wildly trimmed up and with ever-sharpening instinct, many eyes are on young Lane. However, experience is a formidable monster, and Lane’s going to have a hellacious time going up against veteran GARY JAY. Gary emerged with the win after going toe-to-toe in a brutal slugfest with “Untouchable” ALEX REIGNS – a particularly impressive victory. His wiry frame packs one of the most formidable chops in all of indie wrestling today, and has brought many a man to literal tears. Gary is a cocktail of speed, savagery, and meanness, but he would be foolish to underestimate Lane, who appears to be hungry and coming into his own. Where this one goes, nobody knows.

When the smoke clears at GO FOR BROKE, we’ll know which two men will move onto the finals and an opportunity to be crowned the first-ever LAWLESS DARKNESS. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at a pivotal juncture that will change Inspire Pro as we all know it.



Since capturing the Inspire Pro Championship, “Mr. Inspire Pro” STEVE O RENO has gone through some of the toughest challenges to maintain possession of what he has worked so hard for. From the brutal Street Fight against MATTHEW PALMER to the fast-paced, hard-hitting war with LIO RUSH, Steve O Reno has risen to the occasion like never before. However, following his valiant victory over a very game Rush at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, a bloodied Steve was attacked from behind by one of the newest duos on the scene at Inspire Pro, STACEY SLADE and BRUNO DE LA ROSA – THE HEAVY HEARTS. Claiming that they were shocked and appalled by how the fans of Austin have body shamed them in what they believed to be a “Liberal” town, Stacey and Bruno decided to make a statement by taking a bite out of a quintessential slice of Austin – Inspire Pro Champ STEVE O RENO. Steve was carried from the ring following the attack, but he was soon full of his usual fire and ready to accept any challenge the Heavy Hearts had for him. Steve is still baffled by the attack, but he views it as a badge of honor. Steve stated, “I get it. They jumped me. Now they’re on the map. But it was a cheap way to get noticed. I didn’t even get to really celebrate my match. Instead, those clowns oozed into the ring and stomped on my parade. And they’re gonna regret it, because now they’re on MY radar.” The match has been set, and on July 2nd at GO FOR BROKE, The Heavy Hearts will set foot in the ring against Inspire Pro Champ Steve O Reno, and he’s bringing backup – none other than “Old Timey King Of Swing” Dasher Hatfield! While the Heavy Hearts are out to make a political point and punish Austin for its politically incorrect ways, do they have enough weight to overcome the formidable formula of old friendship and revenge?



It is safe to say that the ever-beloved DELILAH DOOM has made some quick leaps up the proverbial ladder, capturing one-half of the Twin Dragon Connection Championships in December and becoming XX Division Champion back in March. With Doom holding two very hotly contested titles, Inspire Pro management has made the decision that for the time being, Delilah will be alternating with defenses of her two championships at our events.

With a successful defense of the Twin Dragon Connection titles already down, her first defense of the XX Division title will come on July 2nd at GO FOR BROKE, as she goes one-on-one with the debuting THUNDER ROSA! Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, Thunder Rosa has torn apart the California wrestling apart, but she hasn’t been contained to a single coast. She’s also been seen in Lucha Underground as well as a previous tour of Japan for the STARDOM promotion. With her fast-paced and hard-hitting style, she will surely be tough competition for Delilah’s first XX Division title defense. Will she rise to the occasion? You CANNOT miss Doom’s pivotal FIRST DEFENSE!



At ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, world-traveled wrestling cult hero ACH made his long-awaited return to INSPIRE PRO, going head-to-head against emerging Texas star TERRALE TEMPO. It was a first time contest that many fans had been clamoring for, and it certainly lived up to the crowd’s expectations. Both men spared back and forth in a competitive contest, which took an abrupt turn when a clearly frustrated ACH ceased the match to declare that Tempo was not in his league. ACH wrote the affair off as a waste of his time, but was easily baited back to the ring by Tempo. The match continued in a more heated fashion, but there was no clear winner by the time the thirty minute time limit had rang. The match went into sudden death with a five-minute overtime, but neither man was able to put the other away. The exhibition was nothing short of thrilling, but without a clear conclusion, fans were left screaming for more. Well, on July 2nd, at GO FOR BROKE, they’re gonna it when this highly anticipated rematch finally goes down! Matters of personal respect or lack thereof will be settled, and it has been assured that this match will continue until a clear and decisive victor has emerged. But beyond there, the ante has been upped! INSPIRE PRO has decided to make this match a NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for the INSPIRE PRO CHAMPION MATCH! The ultimate winner of this contest will go on to face STEVE O RENO at A HERO NEVER DIES on September 3rd! Desire and disdain will clash at GO FOR BROKE to create a SEISMIC BANG that will reshuffle sands of Texas! DO NOT MISS THIS!

GO FOR BROKE is Sunday, July 2nd at The Austin Sports Center (425 Woodward St.) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets are $20 & General Admission are $15. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. and bell time is 6:00 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.