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THIS IS THE TREMOR THAT PRECEDES THE THUNDER OF FOREVER! On August 14th, INSPIRE PRO plants its flag on the shore of bigger and better things, when it christens THE RED OAK BALLROOM as its brand new home! It’s been a while, so we can only imagine you’re all READY TO GET EPIC ONCE AGAIN! Here’s a rundown of this VESUVIAS OF ACTION that defines our NEW MANTRA FOR THE NEW ERA – ALL OVER-KILLER, NO FILLER!




Jojo Bravo vs. Angelus Layne

Back in April at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, Inspire Pro fans were shocked when Chris revealed the newest member of The New Movement to be none other than the returning “Pro Wrestling’s Bride Of Frankenstein” ANGELUS LAYNE. Throughout 2015, Layne would spend her time in Inspire Pro focused directly on The New Movement, particularly DELILAH DOOM in an attempt to end her career before it truly began. The result was one of the wildest encounters in Inspire Pro’s history, and it would mark a start of a hiatus for Angelus. Suffice to say that when Layne stepped through the curtain back at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH as TERRALE TEMPO’s tag team partner, Doom was far from being a happy camper. So far, Angelus seems sincerely interested in burying the hatchet with her old rival, but Doom remains wary.

For as loud an ovation as Layne received upon her return, the pure hatred the crowd lavishes upon one JOJO BRAVO may be more overwhelming. It was Bravo who issued the challenge against Layne for August 14th, and there have been rumblings that for him this match symbolizes the start of something much larger in the scheme of Inspire Pro. For Bravo, his intended victory over Layne will serve as a statement to the fans that will mark a turning point that will reshape the landscape.

Meanwhile, Layne claims she’s hell-bent on reminding people just how vicious she can be, no matter the cause or side. On the other hand, Jojo is at his most dangerous when he has an agenda — and he certainly has one brewing. POWER AND CUNNING CLASH in this ODD-BUT-SAVAGE contest! BE THERE ON AUGUST 14th at FOREVER for one of the most compelling bouts of 2016! 

“Juicy” Cherry Ramons vs. “The Paradigm Of Positivity” Greg Symonds

When “Unholy” Gregory James was in need of a partner at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, Inspire Pro fans were shocked by the unexpected return of former Inspire Pro Chairman GREG SYMONDS. When last we saw Symonds, he was at odds with a several people within in Inspire Pro, if not at the brink of war with Inspire Pro itself. However, the man’s demons outside of the ring dragged him out of the business for an extended period. At first, one might think that Symonds was back to address unfinished business. However, it soon became clear that Symonds’ time away from the business was spent in a deep period of exorcism. As The Solid Gold One emerged from the curtain, a wake of nag champa incense wafted out after him, followed by a sense of calm. Indeed, if James was banking on a partner’s mean streak to get him through his challenge that night, he was out of luck.

What is Symonds’ agenda this time around in Inspire Pro? He claims it’s to make it better from the inside out, one opponent at a time. Symonds claims that a machine is only as strong as the sum of its parts. Symonds says he’s back to teach the locker room to love itself so that it can reach a higher state of consciousness.

So far, Cherry has had a great year in Inspire Pro, with a valuable victory over viral sleaze of JOEY RYAN. Anybody familiar with Ramons knows that the best has yet to come, and he’s eager to start climbing the ranks toward an ultimate prize. Strangely, Symonds has said he’s not going to stand in Cherry’s way, and claims he’s eager to help Cherry realize his goals and aid in whatever way possible. Just what the hell kind of match is this gonna be? This is yet another contest that’s going to make August 14th be beyond interesting!

The Submission Squad Issue An Open Challenge

When we think of the Submission Squad, only one word comes to mind: DOMINANCE. These hardened vets have taken the mantra of Malcolm X and enforced its practice to secure a flawless legacy in the modern age of professional wrestling – they get it done “by any means necessary.” As the years fly by, the Squad have started to put some stuff into perspective. Everybody wants a seedling to which they pass their legacy and knowledge on to. This period of deep introspection eventually brought them to a young Barrett Brown – a wrestler that both Abernathy and Gelistico saw a great deal of raw potential in. They have, since then, spent a great deal of time, effort, and fortune molding Brown into what they feel is the ultimate grappler – a throwback with a modern edge, if you will. Since joining their ranks, Brown has since experienced the road miles of eight Bruiser Brody’s in just a few short months. Brown will be out of Inspire action with what the Squad have deemed a “more lucrative booking” that will help get the kid’s name out there. But never fear – The Submission Squad IS FOREVER, and they WILL be there on August 14th to further assert their prowess in an exhibition match. Abernathy recently espoused, “We could do this stupid crap blind folded. We’ve got nothing to prove. But we’ve got a lot to give. So, we’re giving back to your state by creating job opportunities. Because believe me, when Submission Squad steps into the ring, there’s plenty of jobs to go around, if you catch my drift!”

And so, on August 14th, The Submission Squad will enter the ring to issue an open challenge. Who will step up to the plate for a taste at greatness? We shall see!

“The Texas Lion” Carson vs. “One Man” Mike Dell

At SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, Mike Dell challenged Inspire Pro Champion Ricky Starks in an attempt to regain what he feels he never should have lost. And due to the clear tendency of Inspire Pro officials being taken out of capacity during Dell’s previous contests, Inspire Pro made the executive decision to appoint a Special Referee, in the form of “The Texas Lion” Carson. Even with Carson having his eyes on the very same prize both Dell and Starks coveted, Carson would admirably call the match right down the middle, and Ricky Starks would eventually leave with the victory. This didn’t sit well with Dell, who cites Carson as the man at fault for his loss to Ricky Starks. In Dell’s book, this was just history repeating itself, as he still blames Carson for his loss of the Inspire Pro title years ago. Following Dell’s loss at Splendor In The Smash, a brawl erupted between “One Man” and “The Texas Lion,” which wound all the way back to the locker room area, where they were separated.

One thing you can say that both of these men have in common is that many traditionalists would call both of them “the ideal.” They are the stuff that classic pro-wrestling is made of, both possessing the skill, the mind, and the look of what a legend should be. Each of them is a complete package worthy of being engraved upon the great wall of Texas Pro Wrestling, alongside the likenesses of great names such as The Von Erichs. There is no underplaying the appeal of these two greats standing across the ring from one another – and so it must be. This isn’t simply a matter to determine who the best professional wrestler between the two may be. There are personal issues to be resolved, and it will all be left on the mat at FOREVER on August 14th.

Jessica James & Delilah Doom vs. The Blondetourage (Laynie Luck & Allie Kat)

Since capturing the XX Division Championship back in November of last year, Jessica James has stood toe-to-toe with all-comers, looking to make her own mark for women in the Texas independent scene. But, following a valiant and successful title defense against “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven, Jessica got jumped by two young women looking to make their name off of the XX Division Champion. We now know that Laynie Luck and Allie Kat, collectively known as The Blondetourage, orchestrated the attack, claiming that all the competition that Jessica James needed was right in front of her. As opposed to a blindsided attack, Laynie and Allie will now have the chance to prove what they claim inside the ring at FOREVER.

James was fuming as she fended them off, and we were waiting for her official response. It came days later when James demanded a match against the young ladies, where she said she will demonstrate a point in as vicious a manner as possible: opportunity is awarded to those who show not only great valor, but also respect. Jessica has stated plainly that she gets their methodology. The champion recently lamented, “Did they really have to interrupt the afterglow of my victory? That was a very important match and a powerful victory for me, and I couldn’t even be left to enjoy it with the fans. On August 14th, I’m taking those brats to the woodshed, and I’m going to teach them a valuable lesson: short cuts can get you killed.”

Eager to address the Blondetourage issue as a whole, Jessica issued her challenge in the form of a tag team match. James also reached out to a woman she considers to be a remarkable example of what a woman in this business ought to be – DELILAH DOOM. Delilah’s star has seen a meteoric rise, all due to her exuberant hustle and dedication to professional wrestling. In Jessica’s eyes, no one is more fitting to help deliver the beating than Doom. Still, never put anything past hunger. Blondetourage’s entire goal was to break into Inspire, even if it meant being dragged into the ring by Jessica herself. One cannot help but suspect there is more to their scheme that we have yet to witness. Most would say the odds are against Blondetourage going into this match, but no matter where we go from here, the scenario has our utmost attention.


Triple Threat Match: “The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara vs. “The Golden Lynx” Lince Dorado vs. “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross

Summer usually only yields a single opportunity to witness a fireworks spectacular, BUT THIS SEASON INSPIRE PRO IS GIVING YOU YET ANOTHER EXPLOSIVE EXTRAVAGANZA! In the grand Inspire tradition, fans are left with too many contenders for match of the night – and this exciting triple-threat is sure to be one of many at FOREVER!

The first entrant is a virtual one-man pyro show and one of the most dazzling high-risk performers within the ranks of Inspire Pro! Of course, we’re talking about the self-proclaimed “Best Ever,” SAMMY GUEVARA. Love him, or more typically hate him, the man has probably dropped your jaw on several distinct occasions. However, Guevara will have possibly the biggest test ahead of him on August 14th, when he squares off with two men making their Inspire Pro debuts.

Inspire Pro Wrestling has the privilege of featuring one of the many talents competing in the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic, tournament, “The Golden Lynx” LINCE DORADO. Dorado has worked for years to become a cult high flyer on the independent scene, and he looks to continue that with a successful debut at Inspire Pro Wrestling.

Guevara and Dorado will also have their hands full with a man many have considered to be one of the top cruiserweight athletes for over a decade, MATT CROSS. Whether in Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, his many tours overseas or even currently in Lucha Underground, Matt Cross is known as an innovator for high flyers everywhere.

It’s Sammy Guevara vs. Lince Dorado vs. Matt Cross on August 14th at FOREVER in a match that won’t have you anywhere near the edge of your seat, because you’re probably going to be running for cover! AND IT WILL BE ONE FALL TO A FINISH! THIS IS CANNOT-MISS ACTION! 


Four Way Elimination Match for the Vacated Fungressional Medal of Honor: “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt vs. “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer vs. Terrale Tempo vs. “More Than Just” Steve’O Reno

In 2014, INSPIRE PRO made a wild debut at Austin’s premier entertainment extravaganza, FUN FUN FUN FEST with a three-day exhibition of live pro-wrestling action! During the final day of the event, Inspire debuted an FFF-exclusive accolade called THE FUNGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR – a prize obtained in an over-the-top BATTLE ROYAL. Whomever took the medal would later be entitled to challenge for any title within the company at any event of their choosing. At 2015’s FFF Fest, the FUNGRESSIONAL BATTLE ROYAL returned, and was this time awarded to THE HOLLYWOOD STRANGLER, who eliminated THE GREAT DEPRESSION in utterly bizarre fashion. Shortly after the Battle Royal, The Great Depression was seen wading into TOWN LAKE. The beastly hooded menace has neither been seen nor heard from since, and the Strangler seems to have gone along with him.

With both men missing and seemingly unreachable, and the statute on the medal’s right to challenge running out, Inspire has made the decision to vacate the prize and PUT IT ON THE LINE at FOREVER in a FOUR-WAY ELIMINATION BOUT – AND THE FOUR COMPETITORS HAVE BEEN NAMED!

As the first Fungressional Medal of Honor winner, STEVE’O RENO’S inclusion in this contest was a gimme! Of course, many remember when the young J-Crown champion traded the medal for a shot at then—Inspire Pro champion “Dirty’ Andy Dalton last Summer. This will be Steve’s THIRD TIME competing for the medal, though in a very different format.

The SECOND COMPETITOR, will be former Inspire Pro Champion, “Centerfold” MATTHEW PALMER, still drenched in ultraviolence from his victory over the legendary MASADA. Following the interaction between Matt and Steve at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, there’s no denying that bad blood is going to come seeping through the mat once they lock up.

SPEAKING OF PERSONAL BEEF, things come full circle with our THIRD COMPETITOR, “Next Level” Terrale Tempo. Once again back to the FFF Fest of 2015, Tempo and Steve locked up in what was shaping up to be an incredible, neck-and-neck matchup. It was perhaps the first time we’d seen Steve truly flummoxed by an opponent, and in an uncharacteristic display, Steve took a short cut that stole him the victory. It was a shocking turn of events at the time, but in retrospect it’s one of many puzzle pieces that form a full portrait of a man growing frustrated with the odds. Though Steve appeared to be remorseful and baffled by his own actions even, Tempo was violently displeased with his opponent. It’s something that Tempo has neither forgotten nor forgiven. Indeed, Tempo still owes Steve.

OUR FINAL OPPONENT is also the BIGGEST: an ULTIMATE threat to any man’s ability to breathe, “The American Psycho” LANCE HOYT returns to INSPIRE PRO with goals of his own in mind. He may also be the most focused, as he is without grudge or agenda outside of getting to a certain set of titles. In many eyes, the highly accomplished veteran is the odds-on favorite to walk away with the medal. Guaranteed, there’s nothing “FUN” about standing across the ring from Hoyt. For Palmer, Steve’O, and Tempo, this could be an FUN FUN FUN FEST! ON AUGUST 14th, FOUR OF THE BEST WITHIN INSPIRE PRO TRAIN THEIR EYES ON THE PRIZE!


“Absolute” Ricky Starks & “Limitless” Keith Lee vs. CONTRAversy (“Bleeding Heart” Davey Vega & Tim “The Perfect” Storm)

Thus far, Ricky Starks’ tenure as the Inspire Pro Champion has been overwhelming illustrious, producing some of the greatest title defenses in the company to date. At SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, Ricky was high off of yet another smashing victory when Pure Prestige Champion Keith Lee’s music hit. Once in the ring, Lee announced that he had some business to address with Starks – namely pertaining to the current title situation. Lee wasn’t exactly looking for a shot at Ricky’s title though. Instead, what he was seeking was clarification as pertaining to the title rankings. When asked for further clarification backstage, Lee stated that thus far no one within the company has cleared up exactly what the situation between the Inspire Pro Championship and the Pure Prestige Championship is. Lee smirked, and stated that he’s never heard anyone refer to the Pure Prestige as a secondary title within the company. Nevertheless, he has an immense amount of respect for both Ricky and the Inspire Pro Title.

Lee is hungry to continue to build a legacy for the championship accolade he wears so proudly, and so he felt the time to address the situation had come. Naturally, things got a little tense, but before they blew up, the current Twin Dragon Connection Champions CONTRAVERSY emerged from the back to interject. Once in the ring, Davey Vega stated that while their titles may be the freshest in the company that they’ve main evented more cards in Inspire Pro than either of them, and suggested that perhaps their titles were the most important in the scheme of the company. Vega and partner Storm quickly launched an attack, which was staved off by both Starks and Lee, and eventually order was restored.

Following another successful Twin Dragon title defense, Davey issued a challenge to both Lee and Starks for the next event. It took no time before the Pure Prestige and Inspire Pro Champions accepted the challenge individually. Suffice to say, come August 14th, the front row better bring shades, because there’s gonna be a whole lot of PRECIOUS METAL in that ring all at once. While none of the championships are up for grabs, what’s at stake here is bragging rights. Be there at FOREVER to see who walks out with the claim TO THE HEAVIEST GOLD!

Do not miss this stacked card that will usher in a new era for Inspire Pro Wrestling. FOREVER is August 14th at our brand new location, The Red Oak Ballroom (2525 W. Anderson Lane) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets have already sold out, but you can still order General Admission tickets for only $15. Doors open at 5:00 P.M. and bell time is 5:30 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.