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FOREVER didn’t just mark a new chapter in the book of INSPIRE PRO. It launched a NEW TESTAMENT! Boldly kicking down the doors of its new home, Inspire branded the walls with a blast of near-nuclear energy that has IONIZED the foundation of THE RED OAK BALLROOM! On September 25th, Inspire returns with yet another BLOCKBUSTER EVENT – FADE TO BLACK II – perhaps the most IMPORTANT event in the company’s history to date, featuring a main event that will forever alter HIERARCHY OF GOLD! Here’s a preview of what’s to come!


Three-Way Tag Team Scramble: Chico & The Man (Bolt Brady & El Fantastico) vs. Epitome Of Wrestling (Rique Jackson & Thomas Solomon) vs. Mystery Team

At FOREVER, fans saw the return of Bolt Brady with debuting partner El Fantastico, known as CHICO & THE MAN, who made a successful run at cracking The Submission Squad’s dominating streak. This new duo has their eyes set on Twin Dragon Connection gold, and FADE TO BLACK 2 provides them the opportunity to further their agenda in a Three-Way Tag Team Scramble match. Along with Chico & The Man, we can confirm the second team looking to make a name for themselves is the team of RIQUE JACKSON & THOMAS SOLOMON, referring to themselves as EPITOME OF WRESTLING. The third and final team in this scramble is apparently being kept a deliberate secret. However, we’ve been told that it will feature a pair of talent not yet seen in Inspire Pro – a team that has been hand-groomed by someone within Inspire Pro. We’ve been told to brace ourselves for an ENERGIZING DEBUT.

Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Championship: CONTRAversy (Davey Vega & Tim Storm) © vs. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico)

Well, this is going to be a weird one. CONTRAVERSEY’S glorious win over a team consisting of Inspire Pro and Pure Prestige champions RICKY STARKS and KEITH LEE at FOREVER has left one question ringing: is there a team in the Inspire Pro ranks that can unseat the nearly year-long reign of the current Twin Dragon Connection champs? They have soundly run through anybody in their path, and while an influx of new tag blood is about to course through the veins of Inspire Pro, there is certainly one team that might just have the acumen to shake things up. Of course, we speak of none other than the cataclysm of cunning and charisma known as THE SUBMISSION SQUAD. This one’s a little hard to imagine, but the possibility of former Squad member Vega running up against his one-time stable mates poses an interesting situation. Vega, Abernathy, and Gelistico are all pages ripped out of the same book. These three all have insight into one another. Vega will no doubt be catching TIMOTHY ADDISON STORM up to speed in the meantime.

Terrale Tempo vs. VOID IV

At last years FADE TO BLACK, Terrale Tempo stepped into an Inspire Pro Wrestling ring for the very first time. Full of energy, athleticism, and determination, it would take one stellar performance on that night for Tempo to win over the Inspire Pro faithful — a task that isn’t always easy your first night in. Since then, Terrale has been groomed for success by Chris, who has guided Terrale through the ranks. Then, last month at FOREVER, Tempo would achieve the biggest win of his career when he defeated Lance Hoyt, Matthew Palmer and Steve’O Reno to earn the Fungressional Medal Of Honor, a prize that allows him to challenge for any championship in Inspire Pro when he chooses to use it. However, a masked individual who emerged from the sea of Inspire Pro fans soon dashed the celebratory vibe. His look was all too familiar to long-time Inspire Pro fans – this was a man commonly referred to as VOID. VOID has become the Trojan horse of Inspire Pro – he is a vehicle of subterfuge, often harboring someone who means to capitalize off an element of surprise. The first VOID turned out to be none other than MIKE DELL, who used the hood to overcome long-time friend JAMES CLAXTON. MATTHEW PALMER was the second VOID, returning to cause chaos and unsettle inaugural champion Mike Dell. CHERRY RAMONS was the third and final VOID, who found the stir of his unmasking to be most advantageous in his conquest at one point. But who is VOID IV, and exactly what is his agenda? Tempo is certainly at a disadvantage without any opportunity to study his opponent. Nevertheless, VOID IV has made Tempo very unhappy, and there will certainly be HELL TO PAY at FADE TO BLACK II. Curiouser and curiouser, my friends.

Jojo Bravo vs. “Juicy” Cherry Ramons

It seems that Cherry Ramons has made something of a BREXIT from the RABID EMPIRE at FOREVER, following what Nigel Rabid felt was a flagrant disregard for his direction. Rabid made the unfortunate mistake of putting his hands on Cherry, who responded with a stiff right. The kerfuffle was enough to cause a distraction to ultimately cost Cherry the match. What’s more, post-match, the debate continued, and JOJO BRAVO interjected and laid his former stable mate out in the middle of the ring with the Samurai Driver. It took no time at all for the man with the sultry dance moves to issue a fiery challenge to his former stable mate. Jojo rapidly accepted. At FADE TO BLACK II, the divorce is official when Cherry Ramons vs. Jojo Bravo erupts at The Red Oak Ballroom, and we expect this one to get nasty very quickly!


Ray “Death” Rowe vs. “The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara

At FOREVER, Sammy Guevara, Lince Dorado, and Matt Cross held a physics text book-burning in the middle of the Inspire Pro ring. No doubt, Dorado and Cross are regarded as two of the finest cruiserweights in the world today, but it was Guevara who eventually lept through the flames to seize the one-fall victory in this wild three-way fray. Afterward, Lince took the mic and stated that when you beat the best, that makes you one of the best. There was a simultaneous cringe when Sammy retrieved the microphone, and concurred with Lince before demanding that they leave HIS ring. Sammy continued a self-aggrandizing tirade, but was shortly interrupted by none other than JUSTIN BISSONNETTE. Eyes trained on Sammy the whole way, both men traded expletives before Biss asked a question that nearly stumped the brash, young Guevara: “Are you better than Ray Rowe?” Guevara gave what many believe to be a telling pause before answering — but nevertheless, he did eventually boast that he WAS indeed better than Death Row. On September 25th, Sammy is going to have to back up his boasting. DO NOT MISS THIS FIRST-TIME ENCOUNTER between these two phenomenal athletes at FADE TO BLACK 2!

FADEIIBLACK-Jade&James (1)

Inspire Pro XX Division Championship: Jessica James © vs. Jade 

Since capturing the XX Division Championship in November, Jessica James vowed to not only be the epitome of a fighting champion, but to elevate the women’s wrestling scene in Texas as a whole. Because of this, James has gone into battle with female competitors from all across North America, many of which she herself has challenged. At FOREVER, James would issue yet another challenge for her XX Division Title, this one directed at a woman who has traveled the world over and may be currently one of the most well respected pro wrestlers, male or female, none other than Jade. Being the competitor that she is, it would take Jade less than 24 hours to accept such a challenge. And just like that, a match for the ages has been signed. This will without a doubt be Jessica’s toughest test to date as champion, as Jade is not one that shys away from collecting hardware. You are not going to want to miss this epic clash between two of the best female competitors in the country, in a contest that adds even more must-see buzz to FADE TO BLACK 2 on September 25th.

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“Centerfold” Matthew Palmer vs. “More Than Just” Steve’O Reno 

We had surely seen darkness emanating from Steve months prior to April 24th, but that was the night when something grim came home to roost on Steve O’s shoulder, like some bad conscience. That was the night when Steve O was supposed to recapture his J-Crown. That was supposed to be his moment where he set everything right that had gone so horribly wrong for him over the last ten months. He intended to kill two birds with one stone in one match. He would crush GUEVARA and DALTON for their trespasses, and regain his crown in the process. While Dalton had seemingly turned over a new leaf in the time since he brought Sammy back to Inspire Pro, the righteous Steve O Reno refused to simply let bygones be bygones. He was intend on insuring that Dalton paid for every crumby thing he’d ever done to anybody in the back. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans don’t always necessarily go as intended, and it was Dalton who would successfully take the crown that night. Some say that was the final nail in coffin of Steve O’s boyish charm.

Following an attempt to bury the hatchet, Steve dug it back up and attempted to plant it firmly in the back of Dalton in a brutal attack that left the new J-Crown champion badly injured. If not for the intervention of Matthew Palmer, there’s no telling how much further Steve might have gone. Steve had choice words for the Centerfold, and warned that he would regret it if he ever happened to find himself in the ring with him again.

That would happen sooner rather than later at August 14th’s FOREVER, when Steve O found himself opposite three other competitors, which included Palmer. Both men immediately and viciously went for jugular juice. Palmer’s cunning lead to the elimination of Steve O, who later repaid Palmer by returning to ringside, where he foiled a splash which lead to “The Centerfold”‘s elimination.

And this of course brings us to September 25th, where these men will meet in a contest that has many concerned for the well-being of both. This goes beyond mere competition or rankings: this is personal. But at the heart of this conflict is one man many argue is only at the brink of darkness. He will find himself standing across the ring from a man who, beyond his playful veneer, harbors a symbiotic darkness that has been known to take over and drive its host into homicidal rage. How far behind could “DIE STEVE O DIE” be? But also, how far and how crazy is Steve willing to go in the interest of justice? We’re investing in double the medics for this one, folks.

Lumberjack Match: “One Man” Mike Dell vs. “The Texas Lion” Carson

Over the last year things have gotten heated between “One Man” and “The Texas Lion.” MIKE DELL has been hungry to ascend once more to the peak of Inspire Pro as its definitive champion. However, CARSON has his crosshairs trained on that same real estate. Both men have their history with one another in and out of Inspire, and in this instance there’s a long-brewing beef that almost feels destined to be the epicenter of an apocalypse. At FOREVER, Dell and Carson had a knock-down, drag-out brawl that ended with both men succumbing to the referee’s 20-count on the outside. This was one of those instances where it didn’t matter how many times you rang the bell. Those men were just going to fight. It took ample manpower to separate these tidal forces, but even once they were broken up, there was still no resolution or ranking between the two in sight. They would have to meet again, but the circumstance of this encounter would force the context of their next battle to evolve. On September 25th, Mike Dell will face off with Carson in Inspire Pro’s first ever Lumberjack Match. Wrestlers will be surrounding the ringside area during this contest, and if a competitor goes to the outside, the lumberjacks are assigned to get them back into the ring. No count outs and no excuses. Who will leave FADE TO BLACK 2 with the ability to call himself the better man?

Delilah Doom w/ Roxy Castillo vs. Laynie Luck w/ Allie Kat

The competition in Inspire Pro’s XX Division is at quite the high. Some of the best female competitors from across the state and beyond have looked to make a statement in Inspire Pro’s ring, and no two women have done so more recently than The Blondetourage. After a sneak attack on XX Division Champion JESSICA JAMES at SPLENDOR IN THE SMASH, LAYNIE LUCK and ALLIE KAT would secure an important victory at FOREVER, defeating the team of James & DELILAH DOOM after an intruding IVORY ROBYN attacked Jessica. Post-match, Luck and Kat would look to dish out some more damage to Delilah, drawing the ire of “Pro Wrestling’s Bride Of Frankenstein” ANGELUS LAYNE, who cleared the ring of the devious duo. As Angelus tried to help up a woman that she tormented for a majority of last year, Delilah seemingly rejected her old enemy’s help. But then something broke. She didn’t just accept Angelus’ hand shake in solidarity. She leapt gratefully into Angelus’ arms, washing away all that had happened before. At FADE TO BLACK 2, Delilah Doom is out for revenge for the loss and unnecessary abuse she sustained at FOREVER, as she goes head to head with one-half of The Blondetourage, Laynie Luck. Will The Blondetourage continue to ride the wave of momentum or will it be Delilah that leaves The Red Oak Ballroom with the win?


To Determine The Rankings Of The Inspire Pro Championships: Inspire Pro Champion “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Champion “Limitless” Keith Lee 

It was a hard-fought main event last night at Inspire Pro’s FOREVER. None of the four men involved walked away unscathed, however it was CONTRAVERSY who had their TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION titles hoisted high. Pure Prestige Champion Keith Lee was very sore with what he considered to be a questionable SNAFU on Ricky’s part, which he claims cost them the match. Then and there, Keith issued an ultimate and unique challenge for September 25th’s FADE TO BLACK event — champion versus champion. Don’t call it a unification, though. In fact, the implications of this match are HUGE. Keith contends that there has never been an official ranking of the titles within Inspire Pro. While Ricky’s Inspire Pro title is the first and long-thought to be premier championship accolade, the Pure Prestige title is not without its own rich history. Not to mention, Keith Lee has held the title for over 500 days and counting. Keith maintains that no one’s ever called the Pure Prestige secondary, and so his goal is to hold a contest which determines THE RANKING OF THE TITLES. Never one to back down from any challenge, Ricky answered in the form of what many are calling “the ball shot heard around the world.” Once the roar of the thunder had died, we had our main event for FADE TO BLACK on SEPTEMBER 25th. INSPIRE PRO Champion RICKY STARKS vs. PURE PRESTIGE champion KEITH LEE in a bout that will ABSOLUTELY define the GLORY of INSPIRE PRO GOLD!

Do not miss this stacked card that will usher in a new era for Inspire Pro Wrestling. FADE TO BLACK 2 is Sunday, September 25th at our brand new location, The Red Oak Ballroom (2525 W. Anderson Lane) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets have already sold out, but you can still order General Admission tickets for only $15. Doors open at 5:00 P.M. and bell time is 5:30 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.