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New age lore yields tales of ancients who came from the heavens to ravage Earth’s crust in search of GOLD. This most precious metal was used by these beings to conduct electricity which powered the machines which lifted them between planets on their galactic mining quests. On January 14th, INSPIRE PRO RAVAGES THE EARTH for this RAW, POWERFUL SOURCE like the ancients before them, and LIGHTNING WILL SURGE THROUGH GOLD to create a COSMIC CONNECTION! At ECSTASY OF GOLD 5, WE BLEED BLACK AND GOLD when a constellation of professional wrestling’s baddest clash and crackle with electricity! BE THERE to experience THE HISTORY and the FURY! Be there to see WHO REIGNS IN GOLD!

In honoring the LONG-STANDING tradition of opening our events with a BIG BANG, January 14th’s FIRST MATCH will be our much anticipated, first-ever STEEL CAGE MATCH! Showing up late is NOT AN OPTION! ALSO, we have added a NEW STIPULATION! The winner of this matchup will go on to challenge for the INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP at WAR O CLOCK HIGH on MARCH 25th!


Since losing to Andy Dalton in the SEMI-FINALS of the LAWLESS DARKNESS TOURNAMENT, “Ruthless” RYAN DAVIDSON has been in a bad mood. Actually, that’s probably putting it mildly. Ryan’s actually been ENRAGED, and it was exactly this mood that caught recently debuted JORDAN LEN-X so off-guard when he faced off against the big man. Jordan was enthusiastic about his first match in an Inspire Pro ring, but that was quickly dampened by Davidson, who seemed hell-bent on making this not only very personal, but by making a statement at Jordan’s expense. Their first encounter ended in a brawl that ended in a count-out, which didn’t end even with a bell. Instead, both men have brawled to the back and were continually separated over the course of the night. Since then, both men have been at each other’s throats for months. While Ryan was initially quick to dismiss Jordan as symptomatic of the current problem with professional wrestling, he’s learned there’s much more to the Jordan. In fact, Jordan has matched Ryan’s piss and vinegar, shot for shot.

Following a Lumberjack Match at FADE TO BLACK 3, which ended in a no contest after the brawl spilled out of the ring and incited a near-riot, Inspire Pro CEO Justin Bissonnette had enough, declaring that on January 14th, their issues would be settled in the confines of a STEEL CAGE!

And so, it’s set! At ECSTASY OF GOLD 5, INSPIRE PRO HOSTS ITS FIRST EVERY STEAL CAGE MATCH. Not only will it be this be the first ever match of this kind within the company, we can confirm that it will be THE FIRST MATCH OF THE NIGHT! FANS, GRAB YOUR SEAT EARLY, because this one is going to be a total barn burner. Two men! One cage! All the rage!

We will be taking a brief intermission after the fog of war clears to swiftly break down the cage and clear the debris, and we will come back with yet another MASSIVE SPLASH! Following Inspire’s historic first will be a BATTLE ROYAL! In the second-ever BATTLE AT THE GATES OF ECSTASY, twelve competitors will go at it in an over-the-top-rope format rumble. AND THERE ARE MAJOR STAKES! The last person standing at the end of this contest earns the right to challenge for the TITLE OF THEIR CHOOSING at 2019’s ECSTASY OF GOLD 6: REIGN IN GOLD!


The year in Inspire Pro can have many ups or downs, but if you survive the chaos of this BATTLE ROYAL, you’re on a direct path to challenge for ANY title of your choosing at 2019’s SEASON PREMIER. Whoever wins can spend the next year either cruising or shoring up for the big opportunity to main event Ecstasy of Gold 6 against whoever may hold the championship of their choosing at that point. The Powers that Be within Inspire Pro have also let it be known that this will shape rankings and grant opportunities based on performance of the individual players. This match is PURE OPPORTUNITY. The competitors confirmed for this affair include Roxy Castillo’s Portfolio of ALLIE KAT, IVORY ROBYN & ETHAN PRICE as well as members of Chris Trew’s New Movement, T-RAY and ASHTON JACOBS. The young and always hungry Epileptic Caesars of MAXIMUS and GANNICUS will also join the fray along with a returning ZAC TAYLOR, who has been steadily training and improving since his last appearance in Inspire Pro over two years ago. Along with them, a slew of debuting competitors will be involved, including veteran big-man in the state of Texas, MASSIVE as well as the ever tough and vicious YUL HUBBARD. Plus, two of the top standouts from the Houston wrestling scene make much anticipated debuts in the form of upstart CAM COLE and the ever intense ROB BARNES. Only one of them will leave with a golden opportunity.

“Mr. Inspire Pro” STEVE O RENO vs. GINO

After a full, phenomenal year as Inspire Pro Champion, and after some of the biggest tests ever put in front of him, STEVE O RENO succumbed to Terrale Tempo at FADE TO BLACK 3, ending the prestigious “Reign Of Reno.” It was a jagged pill for Steve to swallow, but the former champion offered his congratulations to the new title holder following the contest, only to be rejected. He also had the door slammed in his face when he requested a rematch by the current champ, who said responded by saying that the matchup would be a “step backward” for himself.

After that proverbial slap in the face, the man they call “Mr. Inspire Pro” wants to start 2018 on the right foot and by beginning the chase again. He will have the chance to do just that at ECSTASY OF GOLD 5 when he faces an incredible star in the making, none other than GINO. Gino is coming into this contest with a great deal of momentum, defeating Kody Lane at FADE TO BLACK 3 in an extremely competitive contest. Well, it was competitive until Gino used a referee distraction to nail Kody low, a dastardly move that would ultimately lead him to victory. It is clear that through the swagger and cool attitude, Gino will do absolutely anything to pick up the victory. But, knowing the type of competitor that Steve O is, he will surely have eyes in the back of his head throughout. Can Steve O Reno get back on track or will Gino pick up a massive win against Inspire Pro’s most decorated athlete.


Among the many announcements for ECSTASY OF GOLD 5, one of the most talked about has been the upcoming Inspire Pro debut of East Coast breakout star, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, better known as M.J.F. At only 21 years of age, this cocky, yet talented individual has taken the independents by storm and looks to make quite the impact in his Inspire Pro debut. Now when it came to deciding who would face the debuting M.J.F. on January 14th, Inspire Pro management had a lot of options to choose from. But after tons of searching, management found it a better time than ever to present an opportunity to a young athlete who had an incredible 2017, “Always Ready” KODY LANE. Even in times of defeat, Kody has put forth some memorable performances in the last year. And this could be the exact launching pad he needs to make 2018 his year. Will Kody Lane capitalize on the opportunity of a lifetime? Or will M.J.F.’s Inspire Pro debut be a success? Don’t miss what is sure to be an epic clash on January 14th.


At FADE TO BLACK 3, Matthew Palmer came extremely close to capturing the Pure Prestige Championship in the Five-Way contest, ultimately won by ACH. But while Inspire Pro’s richest prize is not around the waist of the eccentric Palmer, a new trophy of sorts could be on his horizon. In a message that Inspire Pro received from Palmer himself, it seems as though he has taken quite an interest in the J-Watch currently around the wrist of J.C. Res. With his recent dealings with The Heavy Hearts over the past months, J.C. Res has become even more detestable than before. And all that time, he has held onto the former J-Crown, which he has now refurbished into his prized J-Watch. Now that he has aided Stacey Slade and Bruno De La Rosa in capturing the Twin Dragon Connection Titles, J.C.Res will put his J-Watch on the line on January 14th at ECSTASY OF GOLD 5 with his next challenger being none other than Matthew Palmer. Will Palmer be able to take possession of the J-Watch or will the watch remain firmly around the wrist of J.C. Res?


The HEAVY HEARTS didn’t win the TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION titles by conventional means. In fact, they won them in installments, first taking the BLUE DRAGON title in a unique stipulated trios match, where DELILAH DOOM was pinned by Bruno. Back at FADE TO BLACK 3, RED DRAGON Champion DAVEY VEGA took on the daunting task of running a gauntlet against the Rubenesque boys in pink, who were joined by their compatriot J.C. Res. Davey put forth a valiant effort, and came within a hair of conjoining the TWIN DRAGON titles once more. However, in the end, Stacey Slade proved to be the ultimate capitalist, submitting Davey and officially ending the longest championship run in Inspire Pro so far. Despite their questionable methodology, The HEAVY HEARTS have proven themselves against detractors by reuniting the titles, and they are ready to defend the belts against whatever competition Inspire Pro has to offer.

However, as of this weekend, the Heavy Hearts weren’t quite so sure Inspire Pro had much to offer in the way of contenders. It was at an intimate Bill Miller’s this weekend, following a successful run in San Antonio, that both men literally ate their victory meal off of the TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION TITLES. De La Rosa was literally sponging sauce off of sauce-soaked plate of his Blue Dragon title as he sneered, “We aren’t exactly dazzled by the prospects ahead of us. We were hoping for something exciting, but let’s face it, we’re the most exciting thing Inspire Pro’s tag division has to offer. I mean, Trew’s got his boys, but they ain’t ready yet. We’d eat them alive, like these here ribs.” Bruno continued, “They’re gonna have to build a team to take us apart, because from what we’ve seen, ain’t nobody hold a candle to us, daddy.”

Well, it would appear that Inspire has heeded the advice of these newly crowned champions, and have constructed a team worthy of a debut defense. On January 14th, the Heavy Hearts will be facing former Blue Dragon champion DELILAH DOOM. What was initially intended to be a rematch where the former champions would face the new champions for the titles, it seems VEGA decided to step away for a period while he does some heavy personal reflecting. Still, Doom was eager to regain the title she’d lost, and Vega has given her his blessing to pick a worthy partner – and apparently she has selected none other than THUNDER ROSA.

XX Division Champion DELILAH DOOM has had a remarkable 2017 both inside Inspire Pro Wrestling and across the country. With the recent capturing of the Phoenix of Rise and one-half of the Shimmer Tag Team Championships and with a debut in Japan coming later in the Summer, the young, naïve girl that first walked into Inspire Pro over three years ago has become one of the top female athletes in the country. And the one who many call “Delilah Three-Belts” is looking to add a fourth by righting the trespasses of the Heavy Hearts. Originally colliding with THUNDER ROSA at GO FOR BROKE in an XX Division Title match that tore the house down, a level of respect and a new bond was been formed. Typically, a newly minted team might have the odds against them, but we’re talking Doom and Thunder here. Both women have demonstrated a remarkable chemistry in the ring together, and one can imagine just how formidable a formula they might come up with when they are working as a team.

Can Delilah Doom and Thunder Rosa unseat the gargantuan duo in their first defense as a team or will the Heavy Hearts keep on trucking through 2018 with the belts?


The level of disgust was palpable as Tempo watched Steve O Reno’s video, wherein he issued a rematch challenge. Tempo emphatically responded with a “No. No. No. No. No.” He justified his refusal to rematch by stating that he’d already been there and done that. Tempo apparently has some lofty goals for himself and the Inspire Pro Championship this year, and he insists that he cannot accomplish them by going over ground he has already covered. His ambition: To do whatever it takes to earn another title ranking match so that he can reinstate the Inspire Pro title as the PRIMARY CHAMPIONSHIP IN INSPIRE PRO. Tempo has been vocal about how he doesn’t feel anybody is quite on his level on the current roster, but he has decided to humor the Inspire Pro brass by letting them choose a worthy opponent for him. Tempo insists that even going in blind to this contest that he will still come out on top. Anticipation is running high when it comes to who will walk through the curtain on January 14th. Inspire Pro assures it will be a good one. 

“The Ultraviolent Beast” MASADA vs. “Dirty” ANDY DALTON

CHAOS RETURNED TO INSPIRE PRO at FADE TO BLACK III when one of the most violent free agents on the indie wrestling scene returned to Inspire Pro. It had been years since we’d last seen MASADA in INSPIRE PRO. In fact, some would call his return poetic since he’d been absent since suffering defeat at the hands of MATTHEW PALMER at the very last event ever held at THE MARCHESA.

MASADA returned at INSPIRE PRO’S SEASON FINALE, inserting himself into the FOUR-WAY scramble for the PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPIONSHIP, and he immediately zero’d in on Matthew Palmer right away. When that bell rang, the dogs of hell tore loose. While Masada didn’t walk away with the gold that night, he undoubtedly made his return with visceral punctuation mark. He’s back, and he is far from done. Backstage that night, Masada’s intrigue was piqued by two words – “LAWLESS. DARKNESS.”

This past year, Inspire Pro introduced a wild new concept – a tournament where the accolade at stake was immunity from the rules and regulations for the term of one year. The man who took what is now being referred to behind the scenes as “THE JUDGE’S BADGE” was none other than ANDY DALTON. Many believe that with this power, Dalton might be the most unstoppable man within the current ranks of Inspire Pro. There was a glimmer in the Ultraviolent Beast’s eye as the concept and the outcome was explained to him, and almost immediately he requested a match be made between Dalton and himself.

This will surely be a true test for the Lawless Darkness. MASADA has little to prove. Just what compelled him to issue this challenge? Perhaps it is only the sheer masochistic love of violence. Andy’s going to have to bring FIFTY SHADES OF DIRTY to this contest. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS. Be there on January 14th to experience THE NEXT LEVEL OF BRUTALITY when ANDY DALTON takes on MASADA. ONE MAN CAN BREAK ALL THE RULES. THE OTHER MAN TRANSCENDS THEM.


At FADE TO BLACK 3, a new Pure Prestige Champion was crowned! Austin’s own ACH overcame four of the best in the country and a massive rib injury, ultimately besting former champion Sammy Guevara to take Inspire Pro’s PRIMARY TITLE. In valiant fashion, “The King Of Texas” stood atop the mountain he calls home. At ECSTASY OF GOLD 5 – what is historically now known as Inspire Pro’s season premiere – we christen the ACH era of the Pure Prestige Championship, and we do so with what we anticipate will be a monumental first title defense.

On JANUARY 14th, “The King of Swerve, SHANE STRICKLAND makes his Inspire Pro DEBUT, challenging ACH for the Pure Prestige Championship in a bout that can’t be anything but a MAIN EVENT!

Strickland is a man who undeniably possesses the attitude, charisma and heart to match his opponent. The man has become one of the grand luminaries of indie wrestling. Anybody with ample knowledge of either of these phenomenal athletes knows for certain that these men, eye-to-eye and with nothing else to contend to with other than each other, just might produce a firm MATCH OF THE YEAR CONTENDER.

Don’t miss THE HISTORY and THE FURY, when INSPIRE PRO returns to the AUSTIN SPORTS CENTER with thrashing action on JANUARY 14th at ECSTASY OF GOLD 5!

ECSTASY OF GOLD 5 is Sunday, January 14th at The Austin Sports Center (425 Woodward St.) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets are sold out, however plenty of great General Admission tickets are available at just $15. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. and bell time is 6:00 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.