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MOTU_Poster (1)MARCH 26th, 2017 – Inspire Pro embarks on the beginning of its final testament with ECSTASY OF GOLD 4!

THREE WAY MATCH: “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson vs. “Juicy” Cherry Ramóns vs. Shigeyuki Kawahara

At ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, Inspire Pro’s land of opportunity will become a blood red battle ground when three hungry competitors forge ahead in a match that holds a great deal of significance in terms of rankings.

The first of three adversaries is a man who made an indelible impact at BATTLE AT THE GATES OF ECSTASY back at SUPER FANTASY FORCE, “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson. Without a doubt living up to his name, Davidson put forth a tremendous effort in the Battle Royal, impressing Inspire Pro officials enough to give him another opportunity. Amongst the hotbed of chaos, Davidson stood tall and beaming, a beacon of glowing violence, and was certainly a force that defined that particular battle. Davidson has been an asset to whatever company he has competed in, and Inspire Pro brass are brimming with enthusiasm regarding how Davidson will impact the game at hand.

Meanwhile, Cherry Ramóns is eager to capitalize on his performance against at SUPER FANTASY FORCE against Ray “Death” Rowe in a battle many called the Match of the Night. While Cherry didn’t walk away with the ‘w’ back in December, it was one of those rare contest where both men conquered new heights. Many fans walked away with a new found respect for Cherry, as Rowe tested his limits and brought a side out of him that many had not yet scene. In the eyes of many, Ramóns is definitely poised to ascend to the top of Inspire Pro. Gold cannot be far off for this young man.

The third and final competitor, making his Inspire Pro debut, Shigeyuki Kawahara rounds out the list of competitors in this affair. Competing in the past for the Hokkaido Pro promotion in Japan, Kawahara has recently relocated to Texas to expand his skills at the Funaki Dojo in San Antonio and brings with him a great deal of athleticism and skill on what will be his first night in an Inspire Pro ring.

Who gets the duke in this three-way clash? This will be a highly competitive affair that you are not going to want to miss.

Ivory Robyn vs. Kat Green

On March 26th, Inspire Pro ownership has vowed that a fire is coming. Big changes are evidently looming on the horizon, and this particular match may yield some answers. While at first glance, Robyn vs. Green could reforge the XX Division Championship contendership’s rankings, voices from the inside have warned us that this match has much larger implications, which will be revealed before these two competitors meet at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4.

Since emerging in Inspire Pro, Ivory Robyn has attempted to make a name for herself by any means necessary. And while unsuccessful in her vie for Jessica James XX Division Title and in December’s Battle At The Gates Of Ecstasy match, Robyn shows no signs of slowing down on her path to dominance. But on March 26th, she faces off with another female who made an appearance in the aforementioned Battle Royal, none other than Kat Green. This was Kat’s first appearance back in an Inspire Pro ring in over 2 years, after a knee injury sidelined Green from competing. Now fully healed and ready to pick up where she left off in the XX Division, she stands across the ring from Ivory Robyn on March 26th at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4. Which of these two tough as nails athletes will leave with a huge win in their pocket, and just what will that victory mean?

The Great Depression w/ Greg Symonds vs. Mr. B

We’re not even sure where to begin with this one, but with two of Inspire Pro’s most colorful competitors stepping into the ring, this is bound to be one of the most unusual contests we have ever seen. It’s clear to most that Greg Symonds had gone off the deep end when he re-emerged last year, but what nobody anticipated was that he would drag someone from the past up with him – none other than the Great Depression, who has become a sort of model for Greg’s brand of self-improvement. Under the Golden Guru’s tutelage, Depression reappeared trimmer, faster, and meaner than ever before, and has so far been undefeated. Stranger still, Symonds has removed Depression from Inspire’s ranking system, renouncing the idea of titles as “silly materialism” and “trappings of the self and ego.” When asked what his plans were for Depression, Symonds responded in an eerily serene voice, “Oblivion.” Right now, Depression is positioned as a sort of gate keeper, whether Symonds likes it or not, and that has put a cross hairs firmly on Depression’s head. And someone is eager to get past him. That man is none other than the saint of the mean streets himself Mr. B. Back in December, B got a warm welcome from the fans when he made a surprise return at SUPER FANTASY FORCE. He’s missed Inspire Pro, and he’s eager to make another run for the top. In his mind, toppling the Great Depression would be the shot heard round Inspire Pro. But there’s also a personal side to this contest. Mr B. spoke, “Man, I don’t know what that dude got to be depressed about anyway. I’m sick of hearing about the Dust Bowl. How long ago was that anyway? See, where I come from, it’s hard every day. I’m gonna give that fool something to be depressed about! The Great Depression ain’t got a damn thing on Cabrini Green!” Our prediction? This one’s gonna get ugly.

The Epileptic Caesars In Action

Emerging in Inspire Pro late last year, the collective known as The Epileptic Caesars have become an interesting addition to the Inspire Pro Tag Team division to say the least. While their opponents have yet to be named, Maximus and Gannicus are signed for action at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4. Be there March 26th to see who steps up to the plate to square off with this unique tandem.

Dalton_v_joJo (2)

INSPIRE PRO J-CROWN CHAMPIONSHIP: “Dirty” Andy Dalton © vs. Jojo Bravo

Through several incarnations, the prized crown has been held up by many a notable brow, including STEVE O RENO, RICKY STARKS, SAMMY GUEVARA, and lastly “Dirty” ANDY DALTON. The J-Crown has been defended in some of the most intense bouts hosted at Inspire Pro, but it has been a historically controversial title. Initially won by its first champion Ricky Starks in a uniquely formatted gauntlet, the title was immediately traded upon its first defense in ladder match, wherein Starks faced Barrett Brown and Sammy Guevara. Guevara left with the title, but it was vacated following Sammy’s firing from Inspire Pro. Steve O would go on to win a new crown in a grueling gauntlet match, and is considered by many to be the definitive J-Crown champion. Steve was eventually usurped by a returning Guevara, who ceremoniously smashed the crown upon his victory. For a period, the crown lingered in limbo before Steve, determined to resolve lingering issues with both Andy Dalton and Sammy Guevara, issued a challenge to crown a new J-Crown Champion in April of 2016. The three men would meet in another wild ladder match which is highly regarded as one of the best matches hosted by Inspire Pro. While Steve’s initial plan was to right several wrongs, or kill two birds with one stone, it was Dalton who took the crown. Post-victory, Dalton announced that he would be leaving for a tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. In a fit of disappointment, Steve attacked Dalton and in a crucial moment smashed the crown himself. Since then, the crown has once again been lingering in limbo – until now!

“Oh, that?” smirked Inspire owner Max Meehan when asked about the fate of the last crown, “That wasn’t the crown.”

When asked to elaborate, Meehan continued, “Well, you never saw the crown, because it was supposedly in the bag over the ring. Biss and I were both more than a little worried that if Sammy won it, he’d just smash it again, so before the match I filled the bag up with a bunch of Christmas ornaments. I figured something bad might happen, but I had no clue Steve would be the one doing the smashing. So, the crown is still safe and sound.”

Indeed, according to the Inspire brass, a new crown does exist and has simply been tucked away safely, awaiting the return of its rightful owner. Without a mandatory defense period in place, Andy Dalton is still technically the J-Crown champion and will return to Inspire Pro with the gold on March 26th! His challenger has also been determined and he will be facing none other than the serious one, JOJO BRAVO. Coming off of a recent win over Japanese legend Kikutaro, it seems as though Jojo’s “GET SERIOUS TOUR” has rolled into the new year with some momentum. Bravo has been a stalwart staple of Inspire Pro since its inception, and has yet to taste championship gold. Bravo is hungry and eager, not only for a title opportunity, but he’s also burning to make an example of Dalton. According to Bravo, seriousness isn’t just about not having fun and making jokes, but it’s about showing the proper respect that any professional ring deserves. Jojo recently barked, “On March 26th, I’m gonna make Andy eat his own spit! THERE WILL BE NO ELBOWS ON TABLES, because they’re gonna be coming off the top rope onto your HEAD, Andy Dalton! I’m hanging you out to dry!”

delilah_v_JJ_banner (1)


Almost 3 years ago on May 25th, 2014, Chris introduced for the first time to the Inspire Pro fans a bubbly and colorful young grappler named DELILAH DOOM. With only a handful of wrestling matches under her belt, Delilah may not have had the experience of many of the competitors on the Inspire Pro roster, but exuded personality that many called infectious. And on that night, Doom would stand across the ring from a newly determined Texas mainstay returning from extensive training in Japan, JESSICA JAMES. James would make short work of Doom, demolishing the young rookie and forcing her to go back to the drawing board. But in the last few years, Delilah has overcome obstacles, tested herself in situations foreign to her and has earned the respect of not just the Inspire Pro faithful, but her colleagues in the back. Look past the bright colors and sparkle and you will see in Delilah Doom a competitor who is beaming with determination and the will to succeed.

But as Delilah’s confidence began to grow, Jessica James would begin to rise to her throne as XX Division Champion. In the 450-plus days that Jessica James has held the top prize for women in Inspire Pro Wrestling, she has brought a new meaning to the phrase “fighting champion”. Jessica has stood across the ring from some of the top female athletes in the country, and with every successful title defense has not only elevated the XX Division Championship, but has elevated her stock as one of the best competitors in Inspire Pro, male or female.

Back in October, Jessica James would issue another challenge for her championship, this time to a woman who she felt was working her way up the ladder the right way, through hard work and dedication, none other than Delilah Doom. Good fortune seems to be on the side of Delilah as she recently captured one-half of the Twin Dragon Connection Titles by defeating both Joey Ryan and the other Twin Dragon Connection Champion Davey Vega at SUPER FANTASY FORCE. Clearly this is not the same Doom that squared off with Jessica years prior, but a whole new Delilah looking to make a name for herself in a hurry. She has already gotten her first taste of Inspire Pro gold and looks to add another trophy by winning the top prize for the XX Division. But, defeating someone the caliber of Jessica James will be no easy task as history shows.

March 26th at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, can Delilah Doom rise to the occasion and stand atop the XX Division or will Jessica James continue to assert her dominance on the division?

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STREET FIGHT FOR THE INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP: “Mr. Inspire Pro” Steve O Reno © vs. “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer

SUPER FANTASY FORCE was the event without an Achilles’ spot. Every bout carried with it a certain gravity. Without a doubt, one of the most impactful matches of the night was the BATTLE AT THE GATES OF ECTSASY – an 18-person Battle Royal, wherein both men and women would enter the fray in two minute intervals. It was initially designed that the final two competitors remaining would go on to ECSTASY OF GOLD 4 to compete for the vacated INSPIRE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP. When the dust settled, it was “Mr. Inspire Pro” STEVE O RENO and “The Centerfold” MATTHEW PALMER who remained. Palmer, eager reclaim a title he’d lost in a hasty decision years ago, made a proposal then and there: Though Steve had entered the contest first; Matt himself was noticeably injured during the Battle Royale. He posed that this put both men on level ground, and therefore they ought to have their title match then and there. Never one to back down from a challenge, Steve’s tenacity got the best of him and he agreed. However, within minutes of the bell, it was clear that Matt had been playing possum. Indeed, the Centerfold was the fresher man of the two, but it may have been overconfidence in his plan that backfired as Steve rose to the occasion and fought back harder than we’d ever seen to MAKE THE DREAM REAL! That night, Steve O Reno left Red Oak Ballroom the Inspire Pro Champion, and in the opinions of many fans it was about time.

Matthew Palmer’s dissatisfaction with how things played out was palpable backstage, and he immediately demanded a rematch. Not only that, but Palmer has defied Steve to accept a championship challenge on his terms: A STREET FIGHT. There is no doubt that Palmer is a phenomenal competitor and easily one a criminally underrated free agent, but it has become clear that he is a man chasing demons and attempting to right some of the trespasses against him. His brashness and an imbalanced personal that has at times cost him dearly – in one instance even driving him from Inspire Pro altogether. Many may recall that the match which nearly drove him from Inspire Pro was a street fight against then-Inspire Pro Champion ANDY DALTON.

At ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, Matthew Palmer has set the stage for the ultimate opportunity to virtually return to his past within Inspire Pro and right many of his missteps, by potentially regaining a belt he only briefly tasted in a match format that almost ended it all for him. On the other hand, Steve O Reno isn’t one to back down from a challenge, and there is still the opportunity to prove to himself that he deserves to hold the title he has long sought to possess. Matt will no doubt be at his cunning best – a trait that cost Steve O a win against him back at FADE TO BLACK 2. After conquering the mountain, is Steve still hungry enough to hold on to what he feels is the ultimate prize? This one is bound to be an intense knock-down contest!


Terrale Tempo vs. ACH

It was a brilliant vie for the Pure Prestige Championship against KEITH LEE at SUPER FANTASY FORCE. And while TERRALE TEMPO didn’t walk away with the gold, many believe he left the ring that night having reached THE NEXT LEVEL. Ultimate outcome aside, the moment Tempo summoned the power to kick out of Keith’s Spirit Bomb, it was impossible to deny that Terrale would be a man to watch in 2017. Tempo didn’t leave empty handed that night either. For his valiant effort, Inspire Pro CEO JUSTIN BISSONNETTE made way to the ring and awarded Tempo a golden opportunity – a chance to compete against one of the top talents in all of professional wrestling today, ACH. Back in an Inspire Pro ring after almost two years, ACH’s first order of business was to extend a handshake to the young up and comer, but in a strangely uncharacteristic gesture, the typically humble Tempo snubbed the man many call the “King of Texas.” All parties are still in the dark when it comes to this particularly tense moment, but regardless there is now an interesting and mysterious wrinkle going into this FIRST-TIME MATCHUP between these two phenomenal athletes. ACH will undoubtedly make his return worth the “wait” in gold, for he never fails to be anything less than adrenaline-inducing when he steps into the ring. On the other hand, this will be Tempo’s highest profile match to date, against a man many fans across the globe make a point to keep their eye on. Folks, this is bound for the highlight reel for 2017, and the year has barely just begun.


INSPIRE PRO PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPIONSHIP: “Limitless” Keith Lee © vs. “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan

By March 26th, KEITH LEE’s reign as PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPION will surpass the two-year mark. Lee has accomplished much in the time he’s held the title. No longer simply a renegade title, Keith has established it as the primary championship in Inspire Pro — first-time accomplishment of any champion in any company. In this instance, the man has made the gold. No one’s been able to knock Lee off of his perch thus far, but it’s not for lack of stellar competition. Indeed, it is the challenge which makes the hero, and Keith has laid it on the line in some now-legendary encounters. But his greatest challenge is yet to come. There is one man within the Inspire Pro ranks who seems to be on an unstoppable trajectory. And it’s a man that Inspire CEO Justin Bissonnette wants to see stomped out with a vengeance for reasons that are very plainly personal.

Back at SUPER FANTASY FORCE following a hard-fought victory over TERRALE TEMPO, Justin Bissonnette emerged from back stage and told Keith Lee he had a problem that he needed Keith Lee’s help in solving. That problem is SAMMY GUEVARA.

Over the last year, Sammy’s been on a campaign-like tear, garnering wins over the likes of MATT CROSS, LINCE DORADO, RAY ROWE, and more recently EDDIE KINGSTON. Not only does Sammy have the attitude and swagger, but he has the skills to back it up – a dangerous combo for somebody so young. They say power corrupts absolutely. At BATTLEWARS: 1999, Sammy caused a near riot, which resulted in a physical altercation between Biss and the young competitor. Now, it seems Biss is intent on ending Sammy’s run in Inspire Pro with a prejudice.

But apparently, Sammy will live a little longer, as he is not scheduled for action on March 26th due to a long-standing commitment in Mexico City. It would seem being in demand as a hot commodity across the WrestleScape may prolong his imminent destruction.

Meanwhile, Bissonnette has decided that he will present Keith with a challenge that will hopefully coax out a vicious streak in the Pure Prestige Champion. On March 26th at ECSTASY OF GOLD 4, one of the most violent and unhinged competitors on the independent scene today, none other than “The Callihan Death Machine” SAMI CALLIHAN will make his debut for INSPIRE PRO against Keith Lee for the PURE PRESTIGE CHAMPIONSHIP. Sami is known the world over as a vicious, almost feral individual, whose unique personality and wrestling style has led him to numerous championships, both in the United States and abroad.

Bissonnette remains confident that Lee will emerge a sharper champion from this challenge, but when up against a challenge of this caliber, the odds are dead-even. When asked what would happen if Sami Callihan unseats the Colossal One KEITH LEE, Bissonnette responded, “then they’ll walk away with not only the Pure Prestige title, but they’ll have the honor of bringing me Sammy Guevara’s head on a silver platter.” We anticipate the AUSTIN SPORTS CENTER will go full-on warzone. Don’t miss it.


ECSTASY OF GOLD 4 is Sunday, March 26th at our brand new home of The Austin Sports Center (425 Woodward St.) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets are sold out, however General Admission tickets are still available for $15. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. and bell time is 6:00 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.