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Before INSPIRE PRO marches into YEAR TWO, there will be just one stop, and that will be at the inaugural flagship event that will be henceforth known as the mighty CLASH AT THE BASH! We’re closing out our first stellar year in the most incredible fashion. So grab your sunscreen and your boards and hit that cool surf. This is going to be a SCORCHER of a Summer event! Here is the full rundown for what you can expect when Inspire Pro Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance present: CLASH AT THE BASH.

Clash at the Bash tickets hero bannerDAVEY VEGA vs. THOMAS SHIRE

We continue our streak of opening our Inspire Pro events with a bang as we present this first time matchup. St. Louis standout Davey Vega will make his long-awaited return to Inspire Pro at CLASH AT THE BASH, a return that was originally supposed to occur back in April at NO ROOM TO DIE. That was until Vega contacted Inspire Pro officials, stating he would not be able to attend due to being asked to appear at a “ribbon cutting ceremony” for a St. Louis children’s hospital. His schedule is cleared for June 15th and Davey Vega will be in Austin, Texas, this time to face a man who made a huge impression back at NO ROOM TO DIE, Dory Funk protégé Thomas Shire. Based off of what Shire brought to the table in that technical wrestling clinic with Scot Summers in April, Vega better keep a close eye on the Charlotte, North Carolina native looking to breakout. Undoubtedly, this will be a barnburner of a matchup, and the perfect way to kick off this stacked event.

RED DEAD DEPRESSION (The Great Depression & The Red Scare) vs. THE HOLLYWOOD KNIVES (Stevo Reno & Bradley Axel Dawson)

The brand new dynamic duo of Stevo Reno and Bradley Axel Dawson, The Hollywood Knives, made a huge impression with their victory at IN THEIR BLOOD, a majority of that credit going to Steve. Well, pretty much all of it. But, their win has made them the team to watch in Inspire Pro. Nevertheless, they aren’t exactly the odds-on favorite going up against the odd and foreboding team we now know as Red Dead Depression. Both The Great Depression and The Red Scare have proven to be destructive forces from the very beginning, but the last time they were in tag team competition, The Red Scare cost his brother and himself the contest in strange fashion. However, Stevo was so effective in what was essentially a handicap match at the last event, that one cannot help but feel that the Hollywood Knives might just be an underestimated factor in this matchup considering we have yet to see what Dawson can bring to the table. As they say, two heads are always better than one, and they can also be more dangerous.

“Chi-Towns Finest” MR. B vs. “That Guy” SCOTTY SANTIAGO

In singles action, two competitors looking to make a name for themselves through very different means will square off, when Mr. B faces Scotty Santiago. The buzz for Santiago has grown tremendously in Inspire Pro, as he has cleared some incredible odds over the past few months. Back at NO ROOM TO DIE, Scotty was one of the favorites to win the J-CROWN Coronation Gauntlet. Although Scotty didn’t walk out with the crown, he eliminated several respectable competitors, including Mr. B. After an out-of-nowhere pinfall, rather than accept his fate, Mr. B put the boots to Scotty and even busted him open with a chair. Some even suggested that if not for B’s poor sportsmanship, Scotty’s odds of winning might have been much higher. At CLASH AT THE BASH, Mr. B is eager to prove that Scotty’s victory was a fluke. On the other hand, Scotty hasn’t quite forgotten what happened at the gauntlet. This could get heated.


For the past two months, the self-professed “Pro Wrestling Manager Of The Decade” Chris has been scouting talents of all sorts to take part in his “New Movement Of Professional Wrestling.” In April, Trew revealed to the world he would be providing his managerial services to Cherry Ramones in order to take him to the next level. Then, at IN THEIR BLOOD, the exuberant Delilah Doom was added into the fold. And now, on June 15th, the third member of Chris Trew’s New Movement will be decided in what Trew himself calls the “Chris Star Search Battle Royal.” Chris has apparently gone out of pocket at great expense in casting the net far and wide to cull some of the best young talent from throughout Texas to participate in this contest. When asked about the expenses he’s incurred to put this contest on, he snapped, “It’s an INVESTMENT! Do you know what an INVESTMENT is? Do they know that word on whatever side of the tracks you come from?” Who will rise above and earn the right to be taken under the wing of Chris You’ll have to be there to find out.

“The Texas Lion” CARSON vs. “The Cowboy” JAMES CLAXTON

Two stars making gigantic impacts throughout the state of Texas are “The Texas Lion” Carson and “The Cowboy” James Claxton. Both have accumulated some great success during their time in INSPIRE PRO, racking up some great wins in spectacular fashion. But, until April 27th, their paths had not crossed within Inspire Pro Wrestling. Carson was a factor in Mike Dell retaining his Inspire Pro Championship against “Unholy” Gregory James, but when Carson extended his hand as a sign of respect, Claxton, a well-documented good friend of Dell’s, cut him off at the pass. Now, while they have kept to themselves during their time in this company, both Carson and Claxton seem to be colliding at every turn throughout the National Wrestling Alliance. They are each on the cusp of becoming breakout competitors, and it is almost a footrace to see which will emerge first. Another notch in that footrace will be at CLASH AT THE BASH, when these two square off.


On June 15th, Franco D’Angelo makes his long awaited return to professional wrestling competition, after being sidelined with injury for close to three months. But, anyone who knows Franco knows that has never stopped him before. Being out of action for nearly two years following a horrific car accident, Franco understands how to bide his time. While recovering from this recent injury, the X-factor that is Franco has still been quite an influence within Inspire, helping to secure victories for the Center Of Perfection as of late. But Franco’s contributions have not gone unnoticed by one man. Not only has The American Eagle been keeping his eye on Franco, but he STRONGLY objects to what he feels are UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES. Franco is riding high on confidence as he has the clear size and strength advantage. But, will Eagle’s heart be enough to carry him to victory? It will surely be intriguing on June 15th, when we see for the very first time The Beast vs. The Bird.

“The Ultraviolent Beast” MASADA vs. “Unholy” GREGORY JAMES

For much of his time in Inspire Pro, “Unholy” Gregory James has been on top of the world. Undefeated against some very talented opposition, James has paved a path of darkness along the way. But, ever since losing to “One Man” Mike Dell in the main event of NO ROOM TO DIE, he has been on a bit of a downward slope. What could reignite that fire and restart that success? Possibly an opponent of epic proportion could do just the trick. Though, the bad news for Gregory James is that his opponent is the multiple-time Tournament Of Death champion, Big Japan Pro Wrestling star and the “Ultraviolent Beast” MASADA. Not a stranger to the state of Texas, MASADA makes his Inspire Pro debut on June 15th and plans on dishing out his brand of violence in the worst way. What can we expect from this one? One word: Brutality.

No Holds Barred/No Rope Breaks for Scot Summers’ World Class Championship: SCOT SUMMERS vs. “Absolute” RICKY STARKS

A cracked sternum halted two men from settling a score back in February at LIGHT THE FUSE, as Ricky Starks was scheduled to square off with Scot Summers with No Holds Barred and No Rope Breaks. If you’ve been following Inspire Pro, you know this match has been brewing since October 2013, when Ricky eliminated Scot Summers with a famouser during the Inspire Pro Championship Tournament. However, Scot claims if not for the meddling of one Greg Symonds, things would have gone very differently that night. Scot has let it be known that he respects Ricky Starks as a competitor, and he’s eager to have a clean and fair match with him. In fact, Scot has requested a stipulation that actually favors Ricky. Scot has stacked the odds against himself going into this match, and that is just the way he likes it.
NO ROOM TO DIE saw Scot Summers introduce to a perplexed Chairman Greg Symonds his World Class Championship, a championship he plans on defending against all-comers. And, living up to his word, Summers promised to put his championship on the line at CLASH AT THE BASH. With a J-Crown now lost, Ricky Starks has the opportunity to grab some more gold, while attempting to prove to Scot Summers and Inspire Pro that the pinfall he has over the veteran Summers was no fluke. Summers in turn looks to silence the naysayers, especially Greg Symonds, in his quest to bring what he claims to be a “true champion” to Inspire Pro. Only one can achieve their goal, and with No Holds Barred and No Rope Breaks back in play, there will be no technicalities and no excuses.

NINE INCH MALES (“Dirty” Andy Dalton & Jordan Jensen) vs. “The Heaviest Sumo In The Land” JOJO BRAVO & “The Infamous” SHAWN VEXX

In this world, it is very rare to see a friendship last forever. People come and go, they change and transform. But, sometimes a friendship can turn so sour, tensions boil to the point of no return. Just ask Jordan Jensen and JoJo Bravo. These two men teamed throughout the United States, racking up many wins along the way. As the two splintered off, JoJo rose to success competing against some of the best throughout the country on the biggest stages, while Jordan faded into the background. That was until the debut Inspire Pro event, when Jordan Jensen made his feelings for JoJo known in the most brutal of fashion. They both have tried to gain success throughout their runs in Inspire Pro, but in that time, the bad blood has always lingered in the back of their minds. Close to one year removed from Jensen’s shocking sneak attack, and things will finally come to a head at CLASH AT THE BASH. Now in opposite corners, Jordan Jensen will be alongside his guiding influence, for better or worse, Andy Dalton as well as JT Lamotta at ringside. In turn, JoJo Bravo has on his side Shawn Vexx, a man who has not taken too kindly to the recent actions of Jensen, Dalton or Lamotta. Calling this a grudge match would be the definition of an understatement. But, things may finally be settled when two former friends duke it out.

Number One Contenders Match to the Inspire Pro Championship: “Centerfold” MATTHEW PALMER vs. RAY “Death” ROWE

Two very different competitors in every which way will face off at CLASH AT THE BASH, with the winner challenging for the coveted Inspire Pro Championship in August. Matthew Palmer is dead set on making an impact this year, and with his string of successful contests in Inspire Pro, he is right on his way. But, Palmer has managed to cross many in his run, one of the most important being his opponent in this match, Ring Of Honor star Ray “Death” Rowe. The same wrestler who stood toe to toe with one of the best in the world, Chris Hero, and left the victor. The same wrestler who is the only person to gain victory over the current Inspire Pro Champion, “One Man” Mike Dell. And, the same wrestler who was planted with a missile dropkick following his loss to Robert Evans in February, by none other than Matthew Palmer. And if there is one person you do not want breathing down your neck in anger, it is Ray “Death” Rowe. What more can you say about this much-anticipated first-time matchup? Both men have their eyes set on gold and to get there they may just tear the roof off of The Marchesa Hall and Theater in the process.

Inspire Pro Championship Match: “One Man” MIKE DELL vs. “The American Psycho” LANCE HOYT

“One Man” Mike Dell overcame a virtual army of men in the path to becoming the first ever Inspire Pro Champion. He dashed insurmountable odds and came out on top over “The Bionic Beast” Franco D’Angelo. He even dealt “Unholy” Gregory James his first defeat in Inspire Pro. But, in his third title defense, can he overcome a man that has done near everything? Nobody in the professional wrestling world is a stranger to what Lance Hoyt can do. He has gained mainstream notoriety, won championships all throughout Texas, the United States and Japan, and has left many battered and broken in the process. Now that he is in Inspire Pro, and quite possibly in the pocket of The Center Of Perfection, there could be no stopping this man from running roughshod on anyone and everyone. Will Mike Dell be a casualty at the hands of “The American Psycho”, or will Mike Dell’s first defense under the National Wrestling Alliance banner be a successful one? All those questions and more will be answered when these two bulls lock horns on June 15th.

Along with all that, we will have a very special live musical performance by pro wrestling inspired band, LOS SUPER AVENGERS! What more perfect way is there to usher in the summer? Also, BEACH ATTIRE for this event IS ENCOURAGED, so bust out the board shorts and tank tops. However, nothing inappropriate or too revealing. There will be children in attendance.

June 15th will also be FATHER’S DAY, and we can’t think of a better gift for the dad in your life than bringing him down the Marchesa Hall for some CLASSIC PRO WRESTLING ACTION. Tickets are available in two sections. $15 for front row (only 50 seats available) and general admission tickets are $12 each. SPECIAL START TIME for this event as doors open at 5PM and bell time at 5:30PM. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or by going to the “Shopping” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there for another amazing night of professional wrestling action.