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On DECEMBER 18th, INSPIRE PRO will close out 2016 in with an EPIC TIDAL FORCE in the shape of a BATTLE ROYAL that with major championship implications!

At FADE TO BLACK 2, history was etched in gold when Keith Lee and Ricky Starks went head-to-head in a contest which would shine a defining light upon a grey area where two Inspire Pro titles were considered. Although Keith Lee’s Pure Prestige title had been sanctioned briefly after the crowning of the Inspire Pro Championship, it had never clearly been designated as the “secondary title.” Keith, a champion who’d reigned for well over a year with as the Pure Prestige title therefore took it upon himself to clarify matters by challenging the Inspire Pro Champion Ricky Starks to a match in which the rankings of their titles would be determined – a first in professional wrestling history. Imagine if the Ultimate Warrior had challenged Hogan at WrestleMania, not for his title, but for the right to claim that the Intercontinental title was the primary title in the WWF. Starks vs. Lee at Fade To Black 2 was such a match – and it was a phenomenal one. But it was ultimately Keith Lee who won the right to designate The Pure Prestige Belt as the top prize in Inspire Pro. Immediately after the match, Ricky Starks, clearly emotional about what had transpired, stated that he’d lost fair and square, and left his title in the middle of the ring.

The Inspire Pro title was in limbo for a brief period. Keith rejected the idea of inheriting the prize, which essentially left the championship vacated. And so, Inspire Pro officials have created BATTLE AT THE GATES OF ECSTACY – a BATTLE ROYAL in which the last two wrestlers remaining will go on to ECSTASY OF GOLD IV, where they will wrestle in a singles match. The winner of that contest will then be crowned the NEW Inspire Pro Champion.

TWENTY competitors have been selected by Inspire Pro officials to compete in this contest – a lean crop featuring some of the best Inspire Pro has to offer. Amongst them, however, will be a few debuting stars – prospects which Inspire expects tremendous things from. With massive opportunity comes bold effort. So far, this is who you can expect to see vying for the main event slot at ECSTASY OF GOLD IV.

rsz_img_8049“Centerfold” MATTHEW PALMER

One of only two men in this matchup who has tasted Inspire Pro Championship gold in the past, Matthew Palmer looks to recapture a title that he held for less than 3 minutes, putting that nightmare of a night finally behind him. In the last year, Palmer has had his mind in other places, whether it be his foe-turned-friend Andy Dalton, Steve’O Reno or a long-time friend out for a vengeance in “Jiggle-O” James Johnson. If Palmer can remain focused and keep his eye on the prize, could he be Inspire Pro Champion once again?

rsz_img_7951“Jiggle-O” JAMES JOHNSON

At FADE TO BLACK 2, the once fun loving “Jiggle-O” James Johnson showed his newly demented side, when he reappeared after spending over a year on the sidelines due to a piledriver on the concrete floor at the hands of Andy Dalton. Not only did James make it crystal clear that he seeks sweet revenge on Dalton, but he has also made no bones about his disdain for his former compatriots in The New Movement as well as his former best friend Matthew Palmer. Clearly, James has returned with some bad intent and a malicious streak, but can he channel that hatred in a contest with such high stakes?

img_3766JASON CADE

One of the top rising stars out of the Florida wrestling scene, Jason Cade made an unexpected appearance back at FADE TO BLACK 2 alongside James Johnson and Donovan Danhausen. In his first night in Inspire Pro, Cade made an impression with his incredible athletic ability. With a drive for this business coupled with two close associates in this match, competitors better keep a close eye on Jason Cade. Something tells us we’ve barely even seen a glimmer of this man’s potential in the ring so far, and this might be a perfect opportunity for him to explode.

rsz_12710844_10153524791790819_8901728480536281243_oDONOVAN DANHAUSEN

Unseen at Inspire Pro Wrestling since the end of last year, Donovan Danhausen reared back up back in September at FADE TO BLACK 2, surprisingly as one of the masked VOID’s who targeted Donovan’s former stablemates in The New Movement. Whatever has gotten into the head of Donovan is unknown, however his great athletic ability is well-known by Inspire Pro fans that saw him compete in top level contests with some of Inspire’s best in 2015. With a new attitude coupled with the same athleticism and skill that made him a top prospect last year, could Danhausen be a favorite to be one of the final two that earn a shot at the Inspire Pro Championship?

rsz_img_5410JESSICA JAMES

For the last year, Jessica James has fought valiantly as Inspire Pro’s XX Division Champion, taking the idea of a fighting champion to a whole other level. But could 2017 see Jessica James reach above and beyond the XX Division? At BATTLEWARS: 1999, Justin Bissonnette would give Jessica the offer of a lifetime — a spot in this Battle Royal with a chance at becoming the first female Inspire Pro Champion at stake. Jessica’s stock has risen significantly in the last few years, but being the first woman to hold the Inspire Pro Championship may elevate Jessica James to PHOENIX-LIKE LEVELS!


However, Jessica will not be the only competitor from the XX Division competing in this high stakes Battle Royal. Ivory Robyn clearly takes no prisoners, as evidenced by the fact that her first appearance in Inspire Pro Wrestling saw her sucker punch XX Division Champion Jessica James. And while unsuccessful in capturing the XX Division Championship at BATTLEWARS: 1999, nothing is going to stop Robyn from making a name for herself in Inspire Pro, and the way to do just that is by securing gold. Keep a close eye on Ivory in this contest, as she will surely have something to prove.

rsz_img_0688“Mr. Inspire Pro” STEVE O RENO

Another favorite in this lineup is also one of the most beloved members of the Inspire Pro roster, Steve O Reno. Steve O has been inches away from the Inspire Pro Championship in the past, coming just short of achieving his dream. On December 18th, Steve O has the ability to earn another shot at glory, as long as he can survive the trials that face him in this Battle Royal. Can Steve’O Reno go all the way?


With just a few outings in Inspire Pro, Fantastico has quickly impressed Inspire Pro fans and management with his high flying abilities and daredevil antics. While the most inexperienced competitor in this contest, you will surely see Fantastico attempt to risk it all in that ring for the opportunity of a lifetime. Can Fantastico pull out a huge upset at SUPER FANTASY FORCE?


At BATTLEWARS: 1999, Inspire Pro fans got their first look at a man who ripped apart Chikara Pro for years, the mighty Tursas. Though he would be unsuccessful at toppling the massive Lance Hoyt, Tursas is far from finished in Inspire Pro, as he looks to show the fans that when he gets knocked down, he gets back up stronger, faster and more dangerous than ever. Who can stop the gigantic Tursas and throw him over the top rope in a contest such as this?

rsz_img_1084“One Man” MIKE DELL

The inaugural Inspire Pro Champion, Mike Dell has had one focus since losing the title in mid-2014: regain the prize that he feels to be rightfully his. It is clear that Dell does not care who he has to step over, take down or what he has to do to obtain the championship again. He will do whatever it takes. And on December 18th, what it will take will be for “One Man” to be one of the last two standing, in order for him to punch his ticket to ECSTASY OF GOLD IV. Can Mike Dell make history as the first ever two time Inspire Pro Champion?

14291757_10209933503432030_7060415451088991468_n“The Texas Lion” CARSON

Carson has made no bones about the fact that he has lusted for gold since the minute he set foot into an Inspire Pro Wrestling ring. He has but one goal in his mind, and has approached it with a ferocity only apropos for “The Texas Lion”. And in order for him to obtain what he so desires, Carson plans on leaving a path of destruction in this Battle Royal not just to secure a spot in the final two, but to send a clear message to whoever he may square off against at ECSTASY OF GOLD IV. One thing is for sure, come December 18th the hunt will be on.

11350593_10153316659928617_378847458835496610_n“Ruthless” RYAN DAVIDSON

Among the names within this Battle Royal, we will also see a few debuts, the first being in the form of Houston based juggernaut, Ryan Davidson. Those who have stepped into the ring with Ryan in the past know that his nickname says it all, as Davidson is truly ruthless inside the squared circle. What will Davidson do with his first appearance in uncharted land? Could he soon add a new piece of gold to his collection?

12342646_959032364176122_2203302036508699246_nGEORGE GATTON

A graduate of the CZW Wrestling Academy in New Jersey, George Gatton makes his Inspire Pro debut on December 18th and looks to bring what he has learned in the Combat Zone to the Lone Star State. But don’t let what you know of CZW’s style fool you. Trained under current WWE Cruiserweight Star Drew Gulak, Gatton is a competitor through and through, and looks to make a splash since relocating to Texas. Could he pull out an upset at SUPER FANTASY FORCE and earn an Inspire Pro Championship opportunity?

13912442_801905999944643_1427137269889567715_nREY ORTIZ

With Inspire Pro Wrestling always being the land of opportunity, Rey Ortiz enters this stacked battle royal looking to make a name for himself in quick notice. With this South Texas based athlete having competed in battle royals for Inspire Pro in the past, will Ortiz use his experience in this type of a contest to lead him to victory?

1655929_581181568642230_1832441672_nPAUL TITAN

History says that in battle royals, size is key. And one of the competitors bringing the massive size advantage in this battle royal comes in the form of Paul Titan. Titan has competed previously in an Inspire Pro Wrestling ring back in 2014, in a battle royal no less, and proved to be quite the dominant force. Could we be seeing more of Paul Titan in the near future with a win in this ever important matchup?

rsz_14316896_1315194081848109_787143399053098194_nGARY JAY

Undoubtedly one of the most underrated wrestlers to come out of the Midwest, Gary Jay brings quite the enigmatic attitude mixed with an extremely hard hitting style. The last time Gary appeared in an Inspire Pro ring was all the way back at the inaugural ECSTASY OF GOLD in 2014. Will Gary make it to the same event three years later with a shot at the Inspire Pro Championship?

Along with the names currently announced for this contest, there will be four entrants that will remain under wraps until December 18th. Consider them CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Don’t miss out on our next MEGA EVENT to see for yourself which two people will vie for the vacant Inspire Pro Championship at ECSTASY OF GOLD IV.