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BATTLEWARS: 1999 may be a month away, but we have an exciting gift to tide our fans over in the meantime!

Back in May 31st, 2015, INSPIRE PRO delivered a knockout the form of IN THEIR BLOOD 2 — an epic event which drew rave reviews from fans. Perhaps one of the most star-studded events in Inspire Pro history to that point, the card featured debuts of Ricochet and Joey Ryan, as well as appearances from Ray Rowe, ACH, Athena, and Veda Scott.

If you were there, then you remember the history and the fury. But unfortunately, IN THEIR BLOOD 2 would remain nothing but an intense memory due to a litany of technical problems behind the scenes. Due to various camera and video card malfunctions, it was thought that the majority of footage from the event had perished. However, after a recent inventory, a new set of video cards were discovered which contained the event IN WHOLE. Ladies and gentlemen, IN THEIR BLOOD 2 is LOST NO MORE!

This Sunday, October 2nd, Inspire Pro will release IN THEIR BLOOD 2 in its entirety, FOR FREE on YouTube. A brief disclaimed though: since this release is being cobbled together from backup drives and salvaged video cards, the quality is not up to our usual level of excellence. Nevertheless, if you missed the event or simply want to relive it, here is your chance!

Be sure to subscribe to us at to see IN THEIR BLOOD 2 as soon as it is released. But in the mean time, check out this teaser trailer to get you even more excited.