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ON OCTOBER 29th, THE TRUE MILLENNIUM BEGINS with BATTLEWARS: 1999! This will truly be an event of REVELATION! Will it be the END of Inspire Pro? Or will we enter a new age of ENLIGHTMENT? The FAULT LINES emerging across the surface of INSPIRE PRO, and the ENERGY of CHIKARA is BEAMING through those cracks! What will emerge from the shell? Messiah or BEAST? We shall see!



“The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara vs. “The War King” Eddie Kingston

It was declared some months ago that the venerable one EDDIE KINGSTON would appear at Inspire Pro’s third annual CHIKARA cross-over event BATTLEWARS: 1999. Initially, Eddie was set to face none other than RAY ROWE. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, Ray will no longer be able to answer that call. But as they say, as one door closes, another one usually ones. At FADE TO BLACK II, Rowe and scrap iron brat SAMMY GUEVARA tore down the figurative woodshed in a classic first-time encounter that brought the crowd to its feet. Sammy took an incredible amount of abuse, and his persistence eventually triumphed as he took the shocking win. Once both men could get to their feet, Rowe extended his congratulations as an ultimate sign of respect — a gesture that Sammy would characteristically throw back in his face. Rowe remembered he had a match made for October with a certain somebody, though, and he knew that man still needed an opponent. Rowe realized this might be an opportunity Sammy needs. Then and there, Rowe made a match in hell. On OCTOBER 29th, Guevara was gifted the challenge of facing none other than THE LAST OF A DYING BREED, EDDIE KINGSTON. It’s the gift that keeps on KICKING. If you open the book of HARD KNOCKS, Kingston is defined as a humbling experience — something that Sammy is definitely in need of. This one is bound to be a rocker, and is a tremendous reason to not miss BATTLEWARS: 1999

Inspire Pro XX Division Championship: Jessica James © vs. Ivory Robyn

Since capturing Inspire Pro’s XX Division Championship the hunting champion JESSICA JAMES has elevated the XX Division to a new echelon. But it is clear that the shine on her title has become a homing beacon for competition. Back in August, at FOREVER, an uninvited appearance from Ivory Robyn cost James and Delilah Doom a victory in their match against the BLONDTOURAGE. Ivory’s motive was obviously based around making an impact. She did just that, and Jessica is eager to make Ivory the head on the pike – a forewarning to any other woman thinking about circumventing “the proper channels.” While Jessica is eager to face any and all comers, she’s a competitor who prizes the virtues of honor and integrity, and she has taken Ivory’s attack as a grave insult. Things will be different on October 29th when Jessica stands face-to-face against Robyn. Nevertheless, with so little experience, and without the opportunity to watch her opponent coming up through the ranks of Inspire Pro, Jessica is at a disadvantage. Still, there is something to be said about letting the competitive road prepare you for battle.

“Juicy” Cherry Ramons vs. Mystery Opponent w/ “The Paradigm Of Positivity” Greg Symonds 

This has been a phenomenal year for the flamboyant one, CHERRY RAMONS within Inspire. He’s picked up some tremendous victories, and for the first time in a while is standing on his own within INSPIRE PRO. At FADE TO BLACK 2, Cherry had an absolutely outstanding match against JOJO BRAVO, which many called a sleeper hit an perhaps even the match of the night on a card that was not short on incredible bouts. Following his victory over Bravo, Cherry’s celebration was cut short by the man he’d beat at FOREVER, GREG SYMONDS. Greg entered the ring and announced his formal retirement as a competitive wrestler – a retirement that was actually forced by an injury he sustained in his match against Cherry at the previous month’s event. Symonds suffered a muscle trauma, which became infected and nearly cost him his leg. Also related to the severe trauma were several blood clots in his lung. Few would have ever survived these circumstances, and in fact it was a shock to see Greg glowing at FADE TO BLACK 2. Greg said that while one chapter of his life has ended, he’s began a new one – that of manager and LIFE COACH to someone in desperate need of his help. While outwardly an advocate of forgiveness and love, Greg clearly holds a grudge toward Cherry for ending his career. One cannot help but suspect that Symonds has a major ace up his sleeve going into BATTLEWARS: 1999. But who is this man he has plumbed from the depths of darkness? Symonds says it’s someone very familiar to the fans of Inspire Pro, but it is also someone we have not seen in some time. He also claims he has bestowed upon this person a new inner-strength that will make him an impossible peak to climb. Still, Cherry cannot be underestimated at this point in his momentous path in Inspire Pro. Be there on October 29th to find out who Symonds is bringing to BATTLEWARS!

The Return Of The Hoss Bowl: Tim “The Perfect” Storm vs. “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt vs. Tursas

The HOSS BOWL debuted at the inaugural BATTLEWARS, and returns on October 29th with THREE HUGE CONTESTANTS! The concept is simple: INSPIRE PRO finds the biggest, strongest, and HOSSIEST hosses around, throws them into a single ring, and then warms itself by the ensuing HELLFIRE! This year is so big and wild that we’ve had to keep it at just three! First, currently one half of the Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Champions, TIM “The Perfect” STORM has brought not just strength, but a ferocity to the ranks of Inspire Pro Wrestling that is hard to match. Second, another man with great power and ferociousness, “The American Psycho” LANCE HOYT poses a threat in any contest that he is in. Combine his physical athleticism with an extensive resume and Hoyt may leave BATTLEWARS: 1999 with the victory. And finally, making his Inspire Pro Wrestling debut on October 29th, one of the most powerful individuals to ever step foot in a Chikara Pro ring, the mighty TURSAS! This Finnish brute was the unstoppable monster for The B.D.K., a group led by current WWE Superstar CESARO. He stunned audiences both with his strength and his unexpected agility, something that both Storm & Hoyt will have to watch out for in this matchup. With these three combustible elements in one ring, we can only predict seismic levels of destruction after all is said and done. Be there to see it all go down.


Steve’O Reno vs. Ophidian

If there is one member on the Inspire Pro roster that savors BATTLEWARS, it is none other than STEVE’O RENO. With spectacular performances in both past years facing off against and teaming with the stars of CHIKARA PRO, this has become Steve O’s event to shine bright. Steve O looks to fortify his reputation as the CROWN JEWEL OF INSPIRE PRO at BATTLEWARS: 1999, when he faces a Chikara competitor making his Inspire Pro debut, the one and only “Venomous & Vile Serpent From The Nile” OPHIDIAN. One half of the acclaimed OSIRIAN PORTAL, Ophidian has won Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas and Rey de Voladores accolades, all by using his patented brand of Snake Style. This match has show-stealing potential written all over it!


Jojo Bravo vs. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

Ladies and Gentlemen, YOU ASKED FOR IT, and NOW YOU’RE GONNA GET IT! Since his last appearance at Inspire’s BATTLEWARS 2, “Freshly Squeezed” ORANGE CASSIDY has become one of our most highly requested returns, and on OCTOBER 29th, a surge of VITAMIN C will bathe the halls of the RED OAK BALLROOM! But will the blade of the Samurai make servable citrus slices of Cassidy? THAT’S RIGHT, Orange will be lounging across the ring from none other than the man they love to loathe, JOJO BRAVO! Inspire’s resident curmudgeon is apparently looking forward to severely bumming out the faithful in attendance by putting the squeeze on Orange, but will his satisfaction be quenched? Whatever the case, Jojo has an apparent contempt toward anybody that doesn’t take him seriously enough to stand up straight in the ring with him, but never underestimate Cassidy’s slouch! Bruce Lee once said, “be water, my friend.” Cassidy’s taken that formidable philosophy and energized it with a high dose of sweet concentrate! Will Jojo send Cassidy back to Orange County in a carton? Or will Jojo be left with a bitter taste in his maw? Be at BATTLEWARS: 1999 to see for yourself!

Triple Threat Match: “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Aaron Solow vs. Dasher Hatfield

Following the monumental events of FADE TO BLACK 2, everyone is wondering exactly what’s on the mind of RICKY STARKS, and what his game plan must be going forward. Following a TITLE RANKING match at FADE TO BLACK 2, the typically braggadocios Starks laid his Inspire Pro Championship in the center of the ring following his loss — a move that shocked all in attendance. The future of that championship is still unknown. However, come BATTLEWARS: 1999, Starks will have to refocus, as he will be facing two very skilled competitors in a Triple Threat match. The first being a competitor we saw back at FUN FUN FUN FEST 2015 — the up-and-coming AARON SOLOW. Solow having recently relocated to the Austin, TX area is eager to kick the doors of Inspire down and make a big splash, and his work is certainly going to be cut out for him. Not only will be have to contend with Starks, but both men will be mixing it up with Chikara Pro favorite, “The Old Timey King Of Swing” DASHER HATFIELD! For the past two years, Dasher has had stellar performances at BATTLEWARS, and we cannot wait to see what Hatfield pulls out when he steps up to the plate on OCTOBER 29th. The ingredients here are compelling. Dasher is hungry for his first BattleWars victory. Solow is out for glory, too. Just where is Ricky’s head at going into this match? No one really knows at the moment, but the other guys should be very nervous going into this bout. Expect hot fire.


The New Movement (Keith Lee & Terrale Tempo) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Silver Ant)

Folks, this is the MAIN EVENT TOO MASSIVE FOR THIS REALM! In fact, one might say this is right out of a STAN LEE FEVER DREAM! In one corner towers a team compromised of real life Luke Cage TERRALE TEMPO and the Megaton blast in the shape of a man known as Pure Prestige Champion, KEITH LEE. Across from them will stand formidable, almost non-human beacons of strength and speed, FIRE ANT & SILVER ANT – the intrinsically CHIKARA PRO tag duo known as THE COLONY! There is no guessing. There are no predictions. This will simply be an eruption that could put a dent in the armor of INFINITY– a NOT-SO-SECRET WAR that is bound to challenge the perceptions of anyone who witnesses it! This isn’t just another match. This will be a SPECTACLE!

BATTLEWARS is traditionally considered our most wild event of the year, so you absolutely cannot miss it. BATTLEWARS: 1999 is Saturday, October 29th at our The Red Oak Ballroom (2525 W. Anderson Lane) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets have already sold out, but you can still order General Admission tickets for only $20. Doors open at 5:00 P.M. and bell time is 5:30 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.