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The passage of time will cleanse the field where battle once drew blood, and the trampled soil will be reseeded and whole once again. But if one puts their ear to the ground, there can be heard the ghostly echo of clashing steel wielded by the valorous. War is fleeting, but the fallen as well as the victorious are forever. HEROES NEVER DIE, instead living on through tales of great feats, and September 3rd will see the birth of many more! BE THERE to experience the history and the fury at Inspire Pro’s A HERO NEVER DIES!



Several months ago, Inspire Pro introduced a revolutionary concept in professional wrestling – a tournament in three parts wherein the competitors were vying for an opportunity that would liberate them from obeying any rules in the field of competition for approximately one year. On September 3rd, we enter the finals of this original tournament, and we will finally know the man who will become THE LAWLESS DARKNESS of Inspire Pro!

Competition has been tooth and claw, but standing on the final rung before the top we finally have two bruised and battered competitors ready to do battle for this unique privilege: GARY JAY and ANDY DALTON – legitimately two of the toughest men on the independent scene today. We already had anticipated that the final match in the LAWLESS DARKNESS TOURNAMENT would be savage, but LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, the ante has officially been upped.

The opportunity to win immunity from obeying any rule for the term of one year will be will be determined in a LADDER MATCH! And not only that, it will be the OPENING CONTEST at A HERO NEVER DIES on SEPTEMBER 3rd! It has been prophesied: BLOOD WILL REIGN, THUNDER WILL ROLL, and from the FOG OF WAR will emerge the being they call THE LAWLESS DARKNESS!

TRIPLE-THREAT TAG TEAM MATCH: The New Movement (T-Ray & Ashton Jacobs) vs. The Epileptic Caesars (Maximus & Gannicus) vs. Allie Kat & Ivory Robyn

On September 3rd, we will witness three teams seek to dominate a field that has been thrown into turmoil over the last year. Once the smoke clears, the rankings for Inspire’s Twin Dragon Division will gain new direction moving forward. But first, there will be war. In one corner stands Chris’s revitalized New Movement, featuring dangerous young upstarts T-RAY and ASHTON JACOBS. Intent on making a fierce impact on the Twin Dragon Division, Chris has imbued his constituents with the mantra “by any means necessary,” and always draw blood first.

Direct from the coliseum of PARTY CENTRAL, THE EPILEPTIC CAESARS make their return to Inspire Pro following a brief hiatus following a hip injury sustained by Maximus. It seemed their momentum, which included an explosive victory over THE HEAVY HEARTS, had been curbed. No doubt, these two must muster all they can for their return in order to set things as they had been.

Last, though certainly not least, we see the debut of a BRAND NEW tag team that was born strangely out of a mutual disdain for a common enemy. On September 3rd, IVORY ROBYN and ALLIE KAT join forces to create a union of FEROCIOUS FEMALE FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Both of these ladies have vowed that they will make an impression on the Twin Dragon division at A HERO NEVER DIES – but not only that, they have a BOMBSHELL ANNOUNCEMENT to make BEFORE THEIR MATCH! We believe they used the phrase “game-changer.” You have our attention ladies.


Jordan Len-X vs. “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson

“Ruthless” Ryan Davidson has quickly gained a formidable reputation since his Inspire Pro debut last December. Throughout the LAWLESS DARKNESS tournament, the gritty Davidson repeatedly demonstrated a relentless edge that has generated wariness and outright fear amongst many. After all, this is the man who put the monster known as THE GREAT DEPRESSION on a shelf for what we fear may be an indefinite period. Still, Davidson, who was an odds-on favorite to take the right to flaunt Inspire’s rules and refs for a year, came up short against ANDY DALTON in the Lawless Darkness semi-finals. There is no shame in succumbing to the toughness and tenacity of the dirty one, but Davidson is a man who does not settle. In fact, he was nothing short of LIVID following the loss. And so, a cannon has been packed RAGE and Ryan is dying to explode at A HERO NEVER DIES. One would typically advise whomever he’s aimed at to duck in SEPTEMBER 3rd. However, word out of the Inspire Pro office early this week suggests that Davidson has been provided with ample challenge in the form of JORDAN LEN-X.

Jordan made a fiery Inspire debut at LICENSE TO DEATHWISH in trios action, where he certainly left an impression on all eyes and minds in attendance. At A HERO NEVER DIES, Jordan will be at it on his own against hatred in the shape of a man. Len-X certainly has swiftness and ingenuity on his side, and he’ll need to utilize every ounce of his those combined attributes in order to overcome Davidson’s bad attitude and brawn. The EYES OF INSPIRE are definitely on this one with much anticipation, as the outcome will have major ranking implications going forward.


SPECIAL ATTRACTION: Joey Ryan’s Open DickPlex Challenge

For five years now, Inspire Pro has walked the cutting edge by encouraging the men and women of its roster to innovate. The tradition continues at A HERO NEVER DIES when the grand master of eroticism JOEY RYAN hosts the first ever OPEN DICKPLEX CHALLENGE. That’s right, the viral sensation is opening up an opportunity to any and all comers who doubt the veracity of what has come to be known as DONG STYLE. WHO WILL STEP UP TO THE CHALLENGE? Be there on September 3rd to experience this remarkable occasion!

“The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven vs. Kylie Rae

Inspire Pro has always prided itself in being a place where hungry, up and coming talents can ply their craft and make a name for themselves. This was seen tenfold at GO FOR BROKE this past month, as many rose to the occasion, including the debuting KYLIE RAE. Fiercely competitive with a hard working attitude to boot, Kylie immediately turned heads of not just the Inspire Pro faithful, but of Inspire Pro management as well. Management was flooded with messages from fans asking when we would see “Smiley Kylie” back in an Inspire Pro Wrestling ring, and we can tell you now that you will not have to wait long. But, on September 3rd at A HERO NEVER DIES, Kylie has quite the task ahead of her as she squares off with a returning brute of the XX Division, none other than “The Mountain” Vanessa Kraven. We last saw Kraven over a year ago get inches away from becoming XX Division Champion in a valiant battle against Jessica James. And there is no doubt that someone as brooding as Kraven has been stewing and festering with rage since she failed to capture the gold. Will Kraven make an example of Kylie in her return to the Lone Star State? Or will this be the opportunity Kylie needs to show that she is a true player? Without a doubt, you do not want to miss this one.

Kody Lane vs. Terrale Tempo

Last month at LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, TERRALE TEMPO undoubtedly picked up the biggest win in his career, earning the Number One Contendership for the Inspire Pro Title by overcoming one of the best in the country today in ACH. However, with Inspire Pro Champion STEVE O RENO absorbed in some personal business for the time being, Tempo has been left to bide his time. Terrale is eager to maintain his fire, and quite possibly even make it burn hotter, so rather than ride the pine and wait for his opportunity he demanded a match be made. Tempo will bide his time, but stay sharp until his opportunity comes. So, on September 3rd Tempo will face off against a man who has continually impressed inside the Inspire Pro ring, KODY LANE. Back at GO FOR BROKE, Kody came incredibly close to the finals of the Lawless Darkness Tournament, putting on a spectacle of brutality against GARY JAY. Ultimately, the youngster came up short, but even JAY – legendary for his stiff chops – commended the up-and-comer for the hurt he brought to the fight. Indeed, a rare and well-earned compliment. Kody intends to use his performance in the tournament as a springboard, and what better person to do that against than the Number One Contender to the Inspire Pro Championship. This is sure to be a battle between the hungriest men in the company today.

Shigeyuki Kawahara vs. Gino Medina

Virtually every competitor at GO FOR BROKE exited with a dynamic impression on Inspire Pro. One example of that was with the energetic SHIGEYUKI KAWAHARA. Trained under former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Sho Funaki, Kawahara delivered lighting quick kicks and unbelievable high flying maneuvers that lit up the imaginations of all witnesses.

Kawahara makes his return on September 3rd for A HERO NEVER DIES, and squaring off with the Japanese rookie sensation is a star in the making from the Houston area who has been heavily scouted by Inspire Pro management, GINO MEDINA. Don’t let his devilish good looks fool you, Gino brings a great level of skill to the squared circle, heavily due to his training under WWE Hall Of Famer, Booker T. Two young, hungry and talented individuals squaring off is the exact recipe for a can’t-miss contest.

ACH_Andrews (1)

ACH vs. Rex Andrews

At GO FOR BROKE, founding father of the New Movement stood before the unstable hallows of his creation. Rather than let it fall to pieces naturally, he dowsed it in kerosene and let it go up in flames. Effectively terminating all operating contracts, Trew declared that he was the sole reason for much of the success of those formerly affiliated with him. Now, from the ashes, Trew has reconstructed his stable, primarily consisting of fresh and unfamiliar blood, and has vowed to once again do great things – thus proving that he is Pro Wrestling’s Future Manager of the Decade.

His first newly appointed member was a replacement for Roxy Castillo – none other than “Thought Ambassador” Dan “The Man” Ziglar, who organized a trial trios match, wherein the winning trifecta would go on to comprise the new foundation of Trew’s organization. When the smoke cleared, new blood rose to the surface, and Trew stood backed by T-Ray, Ashton Jacobs, and Rex Andrews. Undeniably, this is an impressive start to what Trew coins a NEW UPRISING.

On September 3rd, Chris Trew’s FIRST MOVEMENT sallies forth, and Trew has requested a match which he believes will serve as a grand statement and major christening. At GO FOR BROKE, REX ANDREWS showcased ferocity presence, and Trew has directly requested a challenge that he believes will prove Andrews’ to be CROWN JEWEL-CALIBER. It is unanimous that if Texas has a new gatekeeper, it is none other than the man they call ACH. Indeed, ACH is the litmus test for success. But will Andrews pass? All eyes are on the Trew Crew at A HERO NEVER DIES. Common advice lobbed at Rex is to bring you’re A-Game, but this isn’t CandyLand. Many expect ACH to take this brash young talent to the woodshed, with NO VENGEANCE TO SPARE! 


TRIOS GRUDGE MATCH: Seriously Heavy (J.C. Res, Stacey Slade & Bruno De La Rosa) vs. “Mr. Inspire Pro” Steve O Reno & DVD’D (Davey Vega & Delilah Doom)

At first look, many dismissed The Heavy Hearts as a fun, flamboyant, and cuddly tag team one could have fun with and at the expense of. How wrong the fans have been. Indeed, the gargantuan duo of STACEY SLADE and BRUNO DE LA ROSA has taken great offense to the lighthearted ribbing from the crowd. While they initially expected to find acceptance of their shape in what many believe to be the liberal oasis they call Austin, The Heavy Hearts feel all they found was ridicule and a soul-crushing dose of body shaming. According to Stacey, though, HEAVY DON’T RUN. Instead, the team has decided to dish out an equal dose of ill will. At LICENSE TO DEATH WISH, the team virtually put themselves on the map by attacking an exhausted INSPIRE PRO CHAMPION STEVE O RENO following a grueling title defense, forcing many to stand up and take notice.

At GO FOR BROKE, Steve was eager to settle the score with old compatriot DASHER HATFIELD at his side, but it was during that match when a SERIOUSLY HEAVY union revealed itself, when J-WATCH CHAMPION J.C. RES helped the HEARTS steal the victory and then contributed to humiliating STEVE O afterward.

Later that night, SERIOUSLY HEAVY added another target to the hit list when they surrounded the beloved DELILAH DOOM following a successful XX DIVISION defense. Vega immediately joined his tag team mate to fight off the potential assault, and soon Steve was at their side to completely even the odds. SERIOUSLY HEAVY weighed their options and decided it would be to their benefit to fight another day. And that is exactly what will happen at A HERO NEVER DIES when Steve O, Doom, and Vega meet J.C. Res and the Heavy Hearts in TRIOS ACTION.

BUT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, what was already a HEAVY match just got HEAVIER! INSPIRE PRO has decided to add TITLE IMPLICATIONS TO THIS MATCHUP. This contest will be ONE FALL TO A FINISH and RESPECTIVE TITLES WILL BE TRADED ON PINFALLS. For example, if Delilah Doom, Davey Vega, or Steve O Reno were to pin J.C. Res, WE WOULD HAVE A NEW J-WATCH CHAMPION. Or, vice versa, if Steve were to be pinned by either Heavy Heart, or J.C., a NEW INSPIRE PRO CHAMPION would be crowned. Furthermore, the individual TWIN DRAGON TITLES could also potentially be TRADED at this event! HISTORY IS USUALLY MADE AT NIGHT, and it will CERTAINLY BE MADE THAT NIGHT!

A HERO NEVER DIES is Sunday, September 3rd at The Austin Sports Center (425 Woodward St.) in Austin, Texas. Front Row tickets are $20 & General Admission are $15. Doors open at 5:30 P.M. and bell time is 6:00 P.M. All tickets are will call and can be ordered by clicking the link below or going to the “Store” tab at the top of our website and clicking “Tickets”. We hope to see you there.

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